Tyler Perry Expands Empire Into Central Banking System With Launch Of Tyler Perry’s Federal Reserve

ATLANTA—Stressing that he hoped to pave a way for future Black filmmakers-turned-financial-regulators, Tyler Perry announced Wednesday the expansion of his entertainment empire into a central banking system with the launch of Tyler Perry’s Federal Reserve. “I always emphasize the importance of ownership, so it only made sense to oversee a monetary system,” said the billionaire mogul, clarifying that he would serve as acting Fed Chairman and occupy all board of governor seats. “I’ve cut out the middle man by setting a low interest rate to help bankroll my productions and I was able to establish a central bank in a little over a weekend—all it took was some motivation. Now I’m stabilizing prices and strengthening Tyler Perry’s standing in the world economy. Hopefully people look at my success and realize that it is possible to start your own federal reserve.” At press time, Perry came under fire after using federal reserve funds to back a coup in the Independent State Of Perrytopia.

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