1)- USA:

        It is the world’s most powerful country. This country also controls the UN. It is the most significant nuclear power in the world. It is present on the continent, which is separated from all other continents. The first spacecraft which landed on the moon was sent from the USA. It is the wealthiest country in the world. Therefore, it is the superpower. The USA can conquer or sink any state of the world. 

          The USA stands for the united states of America. Its currency is US dollars. This country was discovered and independent on July 4, 1776. The USA is one of those countries which have significant and useful military power. The world’s biggest space company which has a high preference in space is ‘NASA’ which belongs to the USA. Hence, the USA is a separate and well-developed world.


        Japan is also called the land of the rising sun. Japan is a well-developed country, and it has a high reputation in the world. The products of Japan have engulfed almost all states. We can say that the outcomes of Japan have a preference for all products of countries. The IQ level of Japanese people is very high. Thereby, they are useful in technology.

              Japan is the best in technology in the whole world. Therefore, this country is rich and well-developed. This is also a nuclear power, and the first  nuclear attack was occured in its city. Thus, Japan is faster in technology time than world.


          A very queer country which is an Islamic republic. This is only the country in the world which is made in the name of Islam. It is an ideological state. Pakistan has not much money and equipments to develop, but it has a power which is not present anywhere in the world, it is the strong army force.The army of Pakistan has most enthusiasm which causes them to win. Besides, it is also a nuclear power. People of Pakistan cherish a very high amount of enthusiasm. 

                    Moreover, Pakistan is popular in its cultures. Pakistan is one of those countries which contain a lot of cultures. Cultures of Pakistan are very different from all world. On the other hand, people of Pakistan have high IQ level, so that they can easily take benefit from absurd things by making them useful. They have also high amount of talent. Pakistan contains world’s second largest mountain range i.e ‘k.2’.

4)- India:

         It is also named as Bharat and Hindustan. The people of India have also high amount of enthusiasm. They have also talent. India has generated its reputation by ‘bollywood’

               Moreover, it is one of those countries which have a lot of cultures. This is “Hindus’ home”. The base of hindus is India.

5)-Saudi Arabia:

                This country is the home of Muslims. Muslims from all over the world combine in ‘Makkah’ and ‘Madina’ for prayers. The interesting thing of this country is that the center of earth is ‘Makkah’, which is its city. Moreover, this country is popular in oil export.

                This is the country from which Muslims spread into all world. The first human ‘Adam’ was landed in this country. Moreover, the world’s best personality ‘Muhammad’ was born in this country. Besides, this country contains many other curious things in it.


      So these are the countries which are very different from others.

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