Strange India All Strange Things About India and world

“Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains”…. these chains are made of worries, tomorrow, uncertainty, society, rules, norms, goals, job, money, parents, kids, business, home, life, death and so on….

The real freedom one can have is from these invisible bondages… and when that is attained, it is an occasion to celebrate, as these ten songs from Bollywood do …each in their own style! It does not matter whether it is a housewife or a taxi driver; college student or an underworld assassin, a rural teenage girl or a guy from a metropolitan …. freedom is all that matters…. and it is always a treat to share the joys of one who is free… even if we have not yet had the privilege of experiencing it ourselves !!

These ten great innovative songs are eternal masterpieces. Their musical melody almost gives way to their creative expression of freedom from the cares of this world. If you are gloomy, you need to watch them … if you are feeling carefree yourself, there is nothing you can identify more with…!

Come… join the celebration of real freedom … and you will never bother again about something as trivial as politics !!!

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