All octopus species are known to be brilliant animals with the ability to change their colors as well as their textures to camouflage into the environment. This is a technique to avoid deadly conflicts with predators. It was in 1998 in SULAWESI, INDONESIA that this incredible technique was taken to an amazing new height with the discovery of the INDONESIAN MIMIC OCTOPUS. This highly intelligent octopus has the power to get aware of his predators, identify it, and get the shape of an animal, which is a predator of the opposite animal. It is truly a  spectacular animal. 


PIT VIPERS are seriously an incredible snake. These snakes are small groups of several venomous vipers that develop a new organ in the form of a pit. This pit is located deep between the nostrils and their eyes. And it is an opening to a pair of highly sensitive infrared attacking organs. This gives the snakes an essential sixth sense. When a warm-blooded prey comes in the range, the snake is able to determine that these are location, shape, size, etc. of the prey. This is a great ability of the animal, which is nocturnal. They can virtually find their prey hiding anywhere.


MANTIS SHRIMP is absolutely vibrant and colorful; it is absolutely incredible also and deadly force to be recognized also. The MANTIS SHRIMP has multiple truly amazing abilities. First their eyes, they have 12 color receptive cones, which gives them opportunities to see the world more colorful than any other creature on the planet.


Deep in COSTA RICA jungles, there is a species of lizard known as BASILISK LIZARD, which is nicknamed as Jesus Christ lizard. It has the ability to run on water. There is a great and amazing sight to see the lizard walking on water. This lizard is able to do so because of many factors. Firstly, it is very lightweight, weighing only about 20 gms. Secondly, it has perfectly webbed feet.


ARCHER FISH has the ability to show absolute accuracy of spelling water towards his prey from underwater to the air and injure him. It is able to hit his target five feet above the surface of the water. We can say that this fish hunts his prey by shooting. The power of hitting the insect is five times greater than the holding capacity of the insect to the branches of trees.


TIGERS weighing 720 pounds are the largest and one of the strongest wild cats living on the planet. Being a large, magnificent creature naturally requires a lot of food to eat. While most of the tigers consume 12 pounds of flesh in a night, they are capable of eating up to 60 pounds. This makes the tigers become an excellent hunter. The tiger has an unfair advantage of bight vision. Tigers are capable of seeing clearly six times better than the human eye in the dark. This is because of more number of rods than the cones, which gives them proper vision in the night.


This is an amazing insect and is not like an everyday ant. This is SAHARAN SILVER ANT, which has a metal-looking silver color coating. This helps to withstand the scorching temperatures living in the habitat of SAHARAN DESERT. They lie on dead insects and animals for their survival. 

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