Top 50 Brass Quintets: Famous Brass Quintet Music

Anonymous/ed. Robert King. “Sonata” from Die Bankelsangerlieder (3)

Arnold, Malcolm. Quintet (5)

Arutiunian, Alexander. Armenian Scenes (5)

Bach, Jan. Laudes (6)

Bach, Jan. Rounds and Dances (6)

Bach, J.S. “Contrapuncti” from Art of the Fugue (5)

Bernstein, Leonard. Dance Suite (5)

Bozza, Eugene. Sonatine (6)

Calvert, Morley. Suite from the Monteregian Hills (4)

Carter, Elliot. Brass Quintet (6)

Cheetham, John. Scherzo (3)

Dahl, Ingolf. Music for Brass Instruments (5)

Dukas, Paul. Fanfare from La Peri (5)

Etler, Alvin. Quintet (6)

Ewald, Victor. Quintet #1, #2, #3, and #4 (5)

Ewazen, Eric. Colchester Fantasy (5)

Ewazen, Eric. Frost Fire (5)

Ewazen, Eric. Western Fanfare (5)

Farnaby, Giles/Howarth. Fancies, Toyes, and Dreams (4)

Gabrieli, Giovanni. Canzona per Sonare 1-4, other canzoni (5)

Holborne, Anthony. Complete Music for Brass (3-5)

Horovitz, Joseph. Music Hall Suite (4)

Jones, Collier. Four Movements for Five Brass (4)

Koetsier, Jan. Brass Quintet, Op. 65 (6)

Lutoslawski, Witold. Mini Overture (6)

Maslanka, David. Arise! (5)

Maurer, Ludwig. Twelve Little Pieces (3)

Mouret, Jean Joseph. “Rondeau” from Fanfares avec une suite de symphonies (4)

Pezel, Johann. Funff-stimmige blasende Musik (“Five-part Brass Music”) (3)

Plog, Anthony. Animal Ditties (5)

Plog, Anthony. Four Sketches (6)

Plog, Anthony. Mini-Suite (5)

Plog, Anthony. Mosaics (6)

Previn, Andre. Four Outings (6)

Purcell, Henry/Jeremiah Clarke. Trumpet Voluntary (3)

Purcell, Henry. Voluntary on Old 100th (3)

Sampson, David. Distant Voices (6)

Scheidt, Samuel. “Canzona Bergamasque” from the Battle Suite (4)

Scheidt, Samuel. “Galliard Battaglia” from the Battle Suite (4)

Schickele, Peter. “Polka” from Hornsmoke (5)

Schuller, Gunther. Music for Brass Quintet (6)

Schuman, William. American Hymn (5)

Tilson Thomas, Michael. Street Song (6)

Tull, Fisher. Exhibition (4)

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