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What do you understand by being positive? Positivity means thinking optimistically, a state of being happy, focused, having a free state of mind, enjoy the present moment, and not worrying about the future. Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring difficulties or any bad circumstances but try to learn from them, acknowledging them, and try to improve yourself. 

Now there’s a question that arises. How to stay positive? So here are the top 5 powerful ways to stay positive.


The first and foremost step of being positive is to do meditation daily. It helps in reducing stress and negative emotions. It increases the patience level and helps in managing your stress. You should take out just 15 minutes or more from your busy schedule to practice meditation. The overall benefit of meditation includes a calm mind, enhanced concentration, and less anxiety. It helps in the relaxation of your mind, soul, and body, which will automatically result in having a positive state of mind.


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Listen to music that suits your current situation. It will help in regulating your emotions and relax your mind. People listen to music while doing different works like studying or doing household chores. Soothing music improves your performance, improves learning ability, and increase your overall health. Music also improves your sleep and reduces depression. Music is not only enjoyable but it also makes you happy. 


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Always thank the almighty for what you have today. You can maintain a journal in which you can write all the good things that happened with you or what you have learned in all day. By doing this you will find yourself much satisfied and happy in your life. Do not criticize anyone or your life. Try to find out the good things even in a bad situation. Someone said, ” everything happens for a good reason in our life “. Keep an eye on smaller things like the sunset, smiling faces, nature’s beauty, good communication, and the people around you. if you notice small things, you’ll feel happier and find that everything around you is so beautiful.


focus on solution and not problems

Whenever a difficult situation arises, negative thoughts start arising and it leads to a more big problem than solving it. To turn those tough situations or failures into your success, you must begin to start focussing on ways to resolve the situation. We should remember that every problem has a solution. If we focus on problems, we will get more problems. If we focus on solutions, we will get more solutions. Instead of wasting your energy towards worrying and taking tension, try to find solutions. It doesn’t mean ignoring difficulties but being positive in difficulties means that try to acknowledge the problem and take a lesson from that for the future. Never give up in any situation. Always try to motivate yourself. 


eat , sleep , excercise

Maintain a habit of exercising daily for a minimum of 15 – 30 minutes with a nutritious and proper diet in addition to enough sleep. It helps to keep you fit and boost your energy. Taking good care of your body will maintain a balance in your life. Studies have shown that exercise helps in making you more active, less lazy, and reducing anxiety. Minimum requirement of sleep at night is 7- 8 hours to keep you fresh the whole day. if your body, mind, and soul are fresh, healthy, and active you will feel more positive and spread positive vibes.

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