KHAANI(10M VIEWS):                 

THIS STORY IS DIRECTED BY “ANJUM SHAHZAD” AND WRITTEN BY “ASMA NABEEL”  The story opens with Sanam khan because she is timid and cowardly, unlike a khan, whereas MIR HADI killed the khaani’s brother Sarim so khaani starting hate mir Hadi as time goes by the cruel mir Hadi fall in love with khaani as Sanam khan in the drama. When khaani all know the situation she becomes emotionally attached to Hadi but she didn’t fall in love with mir Hadi as he killed her brother. Loving khaani connects mir Hadi with god and at last Mir Hadi is shown start teaching the prisoners to love and how to practice spirituality.

MERAY PASS TUM HO(70.5M VIEWS) :                           

This story highlights men empowerment as in this drama AIZA KHAN as MEHWISH who is a beautiful lady but she is innocent too but she wants to become rich lady as her husband DANISH is poor whois doing a simple GOVERNMENT JOB. As she always pushes his husband to BRIBE when his husband neglects for the sinful things, She took a shortcut to become rich as she becomes attached to the rich man who runs his wife’s own company then mehwish suffered a lot because of her illegal relation. At last, she came to realize her mistake and this mistake has proven so wrong and then she again came to danish life as she again wants to become a partner of danish. Danish forgive mehwish but can’t accept mehwish again in his life as he lost his breaths of life.

RUSWAI(6M VIEWS):                   

  This story revolves around rape survivors and based on the concept of watta-satta.Dr.Samera is a woman who is mentally and the emotionally strong lady as her brother is. She was abducted when she was going back to her home with her father and her brother’s wife then a group of some addicted rappers caught Dr samera for their sexual desires. She got rapped…And if you want to know what happened with Samera than go and watch this drama in English subtitles if your native language is not URDU.

ANGAN(5M VIEWS):                         

This drama revolves around the characters chammi, aliya, Safdar, tehmeena, and Jameel. This scene revolves around 1918 in India before independence in a subcontinent. This story is all about the desires of chammi who want to marry Jamil but Jamil likes aliya. At last, after independence when PAKISTAN AND INDIA got separate the aliya start to live in Pakistan but due to some other circumstances, chammy had to live in India as she is divorced now but she loves Pakistan with her soul.

EHD-E-WAFA(4M VIEWS):                

This very famous Pakistani drama is produced by ISPR. This story revolves around CAPT. SAAD as AHAD RAZA MIR, Dr.DUA


The whole story is about true friendship and loyalty with a fun and loving character of rani who makes to laugh everyone.

So keeping watching all the dramas.

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