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‘The Bodo’ is a generic term. It includes the boro-kacharis, The Mech-kacharis, Sonawal Kacharis etc. living in the Northeastern states of India. They have Distinctive culture, tradition, language and literature of their own.

The Bodos are one of the oldest inhabitants of Assam. According to Dr. kameswar Brahma, a noted Bodo scholar, “The Bodos are a race of Mongolian people who are described to be inhabitants of country North of Himalayas and west of China. This land is known as BOD. The word “BOD” is supposed to mean a homeland.

The Bodoland is officially a union territorial region, is an autonomous region in India which is in ASSAM.


Golden Langur

Gloden langur (trachypithecus geei) was the first sight in kokrajhar district in the year 1953 near jom duar of Raimona forest Range (Ripu Reserve Forest) by Mr E.P. Gee, a naturalist. The Word ‘LANGUR’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘langulin’ meaning long Tail. The natural habitat of the Golden langur is between the river Sonkosh and Manas along the Marginal part of the foothills of eastern Himalayas. The extended habitat of this animal is the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary near kokrajhar. The Golden Langur is now Endemic to above habitat and is a critically endangered species. Golden langur is included in schedule-1 of the Wildlife Protection Act.


Modi with ARONAI

Without ARONAI the traditional attire of the Bodo people is incomplete. ARONAI is a Small scarf used by both MEN and WOMEN. ARONAI is a sign of Bodo tradition and is used to felicitate guest with Honour, as a gift.

In the ancient period of times, Boro warriors used Aronai As a belt in the battlefield. At the time of the war, Boro women would weave Aronai within a single night and present it to the warriors as they set out for the battlefields.

3. Baukungri Hajw Gakwny Festival

Baukungri Hajw Gakwny festival or trekking Baukungri Hills is an adventurous event held annually in kokrajhar,Bodoland. It is organized every year on the first day of the year according to the Bodo calendar which falls in mid-April.

The event typically includes trekking of baukungri Hill, an ethnic food festival, a cultural show, and adventurous and indigenous sports.

4.KALA-MATI ( Black Soil)

Kala-mati which is also known as black soil, kala means ‘black’ and mati mean ‘soil’ which is found in the buffer zone from the Manas National Park and is situated in Chirang District which is 30 km east from Bongaigaon.

It is the blackest soil you can find in Assam. It is mostly famous for its picnic spots in the chirang district of Bodoland Assam.


It’s an amazing fact that a well in kokrajhar becomes its own source of drinking water. It’s A natural phenomenon that a well becomes overflow from the bottom to the top.

These well is located in the Dwrwmpur Village near Aathiabari under serfanguri around 60kms from the kokrajhar district.

The well is the only source of drinking water for the villagers during the summer season which lasts from May to September every year.

It’s an eye-catching view which might shock you.

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