5) Gold Apple watch

Gold apple watch has a $17,000 price tag, not to be outdone by Samsung Apple also came out with a limited edition SmartWatch range strictly speaking. They enter the market around $10,000 but a Luxor’s tend to want to know about the upper reaches of the luxury goods market on the $17,000 end of the price tag range. You can select either 18 karats solid rose or yellow gold for your watch case and then the sky’s the limit when it comes to straps just pick a precious metal and your wishes will be granted for the right price tag like any Apple watch.  It’s virtually a mini version of your iPhone on your wrist.

Gold Apple Watch

4) Hop through the atomic wristwatch 

Hop through atomic wristwatch platinum $54,000 price.  This is a hybrid watch. It celebrates the classic mechanics of traditional watch faces and can sync with your iPhone but that is really the least of what it has going for it this is arguably the most accurate watch in the world it tells the right time accurate to one second every thousand years more impressive is that in the wrong hands. This intricate the technology could have military uses so buyers have to be vetted with full background checks before they buy one because this is an atomic time watch. It’s also, kind of cool to wear a watch that can boast to be around 240 thousand times more accurate than Britain’s big Dan clock only 100 of the dual dialed watches are being produced and with a 15 thousand dollar price tag and a background check.

Hop through atomic wristwatch image from Google Hop Through Atomic Wristwatch

3) Nico Gerard’s sunrise pinnacle

It has 110,000 dollars price tag. if you can’t decide between a smartwatch and a traditional Swiss-made analog watch than the Nico Gerard sunrise pinnacle will help you solve your quandary for a head-turning 110 thousand dollars. You can have a watch that goes from mechanical to digital with the flip of your wrist quite literally on the opposite sides of the strap sit watches from the best of both worlds one face a classic Neo Girard mechanical watch with COSC certified Swiss movement with a red coloring contrasting the gold strap perfectly while on the opposite side of your wrist sits.

Nico Gerard's sunrise pinnacle image from Google. Nico Gerard  Sunrise Pinnacle

2) Brikk luxe watch Omni

it’s 2nd most expensive watch115 thousand dollars. It seems like it’s more than an apple a day because luxury watchmaker brick also partnered with Apple in another luxury a remix of the wearable Apple tech this custom watch comes in two sizes either 38 millimeters or 42 millimeters covered in a precious metal of your choosing and then finished off with 12 carats of diamonds frosting sure at the end of the day. This watch has the same features of any Apple watch except with a price tag of over $100,000 however the bragging rights a platinum diamond-encrusted timepiece gives you is kind of priceless.

Brikk luxe watches Omni from google Brikk Luxe watch Omni

1) Tag Heuer connected modular 45 full diamond

It world’s most expensive smartwatch 180 thousand dollars price tag. The Tag Heuer connected modular made an appearance before on this list but let’s just say that not all Tag Heuer are connected modules are created equal and the modular 45 full diamond is in a class of its own 589 diamonds adorn its white gold strap encase. It is 24 carats of perfectly crafted into a tasteful timepiece. It has the same features as the regular connected modular 45 but its design and mastery are what sets it apart from the. it’ll be a great way to track your physical activity or allow you more freedom from a bulky phone.

Tag Heuer connected modular 45 full diamond image from google

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Full Diamond

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