I’ve seen most articles about losing weight, but there are a lot of people like me who desperately need to gain weight. Well, if someone asks a skinny and underweight person that ‘What is the impossible task for you?’ then the answer would be ‘gaining weight.’

The most crucial reason for not gaining weight is because you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you heard it right; a healthy lifestyle will help you make your impossible dream come true. We quickly back off without even trying much, but trust me; it’s not that difficult to change your lifestyle to a healthy one.

Here are the top 5 most comfortable ideas that may help you to gain weight –

1. Change your sleep schedule:-

Well, ‘Sleep’ plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most people tend to stay awake at night and wake up late during daytime – here lies the problem. You need a proper 6 hours of rest at night. Our brain needs proper nutrition and rest at night but, if it doesn’t get enough of it, then all the activities performed by our body suffer its consequences. One of the results is severe weight loss.

2. Switch to a healthy diet:-

If you only eat fatty foods, then you are not going to gain weight healthily. Instead, you may suffer from indigestion problems. A proper healthy diet contains an average ratio of 70% carbohydrates, 20% proteins, and 10% fat, though this may vary according to the person. So make sure you take your meals according to the percentage of the above ratio. Taking more meals from time to time will help to gain weight faster for those who have appetite loss problems.

3. Drink water:-

Our body contains approximately 75% water, so if you don’t drink much water, then you may tend to get dehydrated very often. In that case, you may drink 4 liters of water on average.

4. Exercise:-

We all know that exercise helps to keep our body healthy and fit. It gives you not only physical strength but also psychological strength. You may also try some weight gaining yoga. More fit the body, faster it increases proper shape.

5. Psychological boosting:-

Psychology plays a huge role in gaining weight. We often come across a lot of people who demotivate us by saying harsh words regarding our figure and importance; then, we start comparing ourselves with others, which tends to more demotivation. We accept failure very soon and think that we can never be perfect like others. But always remember that ‘you are what you believe,’ so if you don’t feel positive, then you can never achieve what you want.

Gaining weight is not a short term process; it takes your time investment and efforts to grow and prosper. But let me tell you that I’ve gained around 6 kgs in the last few months and I believe that if I could then you to fan. So never lose hope and give your best every day in order to succeed.

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