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 Often we ignore our dreams like it was just a coincidence, what if your goals are meant to tell you something? Although the science is not sure about our algorithm of ideas, they still managed to figure out the reason behind our thoughts, according to science dreams are the medium of communication by our brain to us. I have listed a few ideas and their meanings, which are not just coincidences, but they are meant to tell you something.

Falling from a tall building.

   If you ever have a dream like falling from a tall building or any tall palace, then it indicates your psychological imbalance. There are two possible explanations for this dream. First, you are wasting your time on the things you don’t like. It can be your job, or it can be your love life, this dream is designed by the brain to tell ourselves not to carry out the work which we hate doing.

  A second possible explanation is related to your moral values. According to this explanation, you might have done something which you will regret, or you have regretted. Figure out the thing which you will regret doing.

Sinking in water 

  The sinking has been correlated with suffocation for a long time. Knowingly or unknowingly, our brain has accepted this information to express the feeling of suffocation.


    Many people have this dream of sinking in water, Which indicates their surrounding environment. This dream is a message by our brain to alert us about the situation we are living in. You must change your surroundings, it may be in the context of people or work or relationships. You need to figure out these odd surroundings.

Seeing your death in a dream

  This dream has no specific meaning, but it indicates your mental health. When the brain feels scared or depressed, it’s an activity of releasing hormones disturbs, resulting in dreams like being killed or tortured.


    To avoid this dream, try to be happy, talk to the people you love, and engage yourself in joyful activities. And if this is getting stronger, than one should consult a doctor.

Unable to run or to open eyes in the dream


    Our brains often show these dreams. Whenever you are getting failures even after perseverance, your mind tuned this as your weakness, and it will keep showing you something in dreams that you were not able to do. This could even happen when you lose your confidence.


  Positive thinking and eating chocolate can stop this dream because while eating chocolate, your brain will trigger a dopamine enzyme, which will make you feel loved, and you will feel confident again.



Dream of losing someone


   This dream could be the scariest dream of anyone’s life, losing someone whom we love is so painful that we can’t even imagine. There are two possible explanations given for this dream, either you love someone so much or your relationship with someone fading. If you love someone, then your brain balls try to put that person in your every thought.


    If your relationship is fading, then the brain shows us the worst possibility of this situation. This can be stopped by talking with the person with whom your clash is going. This dream comes only once, so there is no need to worry about this. 









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