Top 3 ways to use affirmations

In this modern world, we all want to get what we want using the Law of Attraction or many other ways, but our negative mind pattern blocks our way.

So, we need to reprogram our mind patterns not to become an obstacle and allow us to use our mind-power to get what we want. But how do we do that?

This sounds like a hard thing to do. But it’s quite easy. Using these simple 3 ways you can also apply affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind and let it be your servant and serve you for your good.

1- Speaking

Affirmations are simply positive statements around a particular aspect of your life that you want to change. Affirmations should be simply worded and easy to believe for you. If it’s not believable, it’s likely to be rejected by your conscious mind.

For instance- Saying, “I’m wealthy” may not work for you when you’re struggling with money issues, so try out in a way it’s believable to you.

Repeating the same sentence over and over all around the day in your head is an easy way to program your mind. It’s not mandatory to speak it out loud, you can even say it in your head while meditating or while you are about to sleep.

2- Writing

Affirmations can also be written down on a daily basis. Writing it down with full focus for a certain time is a great way to let it get absorbed into your subconscious mind. Writing requires our body energy as well as full concentration.

Wherever our energy flows, that’s what we manifest into our reality. Writing your affirmations each day is an easy and strong method.

3- Listening

Well, you can also listen to affirmations. There are many applications available that have a number of pre-recorded affirmations to listen to. YouTube also has a lot of affirmations available which you can listen to on a regular basis.

There’s another way to listen to affirmations. You can make your own affirmations and then record them in your own voice and hear them on a daily basis. Hearing things in your own voice is far better, as it gets soaked into your mind easier.

What is the right time for doing this?

Well, there’s no right time for speaking, listening, or writing affirmations down. However, chances are if you are listening, writing, or speaking it without concentration, it’s not going to be that effective for you.

You can do it whenever you have a little free time to devote to it.

The best time is said to be in the morning, right after waking up and at night, right when you’re about to doze off. It’s because before sleeping and just after waking up, your subconscious mind is much receptive to what you plant into it and it increases the chances of getting absorbed.

Making it a daily routine can create miraculous changes in your life.

You can use just one or all of the ways to use affirmations. It’s all up to you. Whenever done, if done with focus and interest is surely going to be effective for you.

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