Do you like Korean romantic movies? Maybe you like romantic comedies, or maybe you are an avid fan of heart-wrenching melodramas? This top 10 list includes some of the most popular, successful, interesting Korean romantic movies! Some of them will make you laugh like crazy and some have deep and meaningful stories, but they all are sweet and are rich in melodramatic scenes! Also, make sure you watch the trailers here and vote in the poll!

Be With You is a remake of the Japanese movie of the same name, which is adapted from a novel (also Japanese!). The story has quite a tragic premise: Soo Ah passes way but makes a promise to her husband before she dies – the promise to come back a year later on a rainy day. Seems like an unrealistic and strange promise, yes? Well, she manages to keep it! She reappears before her family. However, she doesn’t remember anything.

The movie is about love, family, tragedy, and hope. It’s a heartwarming story that wants to show us that there are times in our lives when we need to live through painful, sad parts, as they are the steps leading to the happiest days in the future.

If you don’t mind a little bit cliché stories and simply looking for an entertaining and fun to watch Korean movie, My Little Bride will be perfect for you! It contains one of the cutest themes, childhood love! So, if you are a fan of romantic comedies, like high school related simple plots, definitely watch this!

Basically, the movie is about an arranged marriage. Bo Eun is a teenage high-school girl and Sang Min is a college student. One day, Bo Eun is told to marry Sang Mon because of an arrangement made between their relatives during the Korean War. Despite their children’s wishes, they are married. However, it reveals later in the story that Sang Min actually has always had a crush on his bride!

The Classic will become one of your favorite, most beloved stories for sure! This beautiful Korean film revolves around two university friends. The most outgoing personality of the two, Soo Kyoung, asks her friend to write a love letter for her addressed for a handsome boy in the drama club they both are attending. As a good friend, the girl agrees to do this favor and pours out the feelings on paper in her friend’s name. Oh, if only her beloved friend knew she also had a crush on this guy! Crying on the inside, the girl smiles on the outside and simply tries to avoid her crush for the sake of her friend. Feeling guilty, hiding away from her own feelings, she is uncomfortable with seeing her and her friend’s love passion. However, call it however you want – coincidence or fate, she keeps running into him!

Mood of the Day is a light fun story with enough drama to make you cry but with enough sweetness and humor to cheer you up! Although the movie centers on quite a common rom-com theme, one night stand, it makes this quick encounter meaningful, adds depth that develops the whole story!

Set in the picturesque city of Busan, the story follows a man and woman who meet on the train and spend the whole day together. While on her way to the beautiful city, the woman sits next to a businessman who used to be looking for short romantic flings. Though they are totally different personalities and have different priorities in life, a strange circle of events keeps throwing them together! You can notice all the events in the movie happen almost in a day, which is insane! However, everything is well explained, so you won’t be confused!

Love 911 tells us the story of two totally different personalities, who slowly open their minds to each other. Imagine a firefighter totally lost in his job, completely antisocial, he carries grief over his wife’s death. And now imagine a woman, a doctor with a fiery spirit who thinks of nothing more but her career. Can you imagine these two come together and form a strong relationship? Well, it’s quite hard to believe in that. However, despite all odds, they both help to cure one another’s scars!

This Korean movie is a great balance of light comedy and serious drama. If you are looking for a crazy female lead, a hot-headed, somehow even rude male lead, a mix of action and drama, then you shouldn’t miss this enjoyable experience!

You will become instantly intrigued once you know that this Korean movie is based on events from real life told in a series of blog posts (written by Kim Ho Sik)! Later, it was adapted into a fictional novel. My Sassy Girl is considered to be one of the highest-grossing comedies in Korea of all time! At the time when it was released, the movie became a true sensation across whole East Asia, and also became a blockbuster in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It is even compared to such a worldwide hit as Titanic! No wonder it played a big role in the spread of Korean culture across the globe. Many countries made their own remakes and sequels to this Korean version, so why not watch it?

So many words said, but what it is all about? This is a genuinely funny rom-com with the story that bumps out from the crowd. The story follows Gyun Woo, a regular college student, who is mainly interested in girls and hanging out with friends. Once, when in the subway, he meets a drunken girl. She is almost unconscious, so everybody assumes she is his girlfriend when she leans over him! The guy realizes he is in a relationship, but he didn’t ask for it! Soon, he won’t be able to forget this sassy girl.

Here’s one more all-time successful Korean melodrama in the list! A Werewolf Boy is a fantasy romance movie with a great message. It follows a teenage girl who moves with her mother to the countryside because of her illness – she was advised by a doctor to move there, as she suffered from some lung disease. While the family gets acclaimed and is getting used to their new large country house, the daughter discovers a feral boy within one of the locked rooms in the barn! He is so wild; will she be able to civilize him? Is there any chance at all? The beast inside of him is ready to burst out at any moment! What secret keeps this guy and why he begins taking interest in this girl?

The movie is done in flashback, so it’s quite easy and interesting to follow. You will learn from this film that there are so many people who may look like monsters outside but are kind on the inside and vice versa! You will understand how our even smallest actions can influence other people’s lives, and how careful you should be with your words.

Architecture 101 is about two students who fall in love after meeting in their first architecture class. Fifteen years later they meet again. 35-year-old architect Seung Ming receives a request from a woman to help her build her dream house. At first, he doesn’t recognize that this woman is his first love!

This Korean romance movie is some kind of unexpected love story. With its realistic storyline and interactions, realistic portrays from actors, it feels like the story from real life! If you are looking for a short sweet and meaningful movie, give it a shot!

In this movie, there are no heroes and handsome young men who look like models, no playboys or rich businessmen. Far from stereotypes, it’s a refreshing believable story about a blind woman who lives a simple but happy life and antisocial ex-boxer who starts his new part-time job as a parking lot attendant. It doesn’t feel like your regular drama, yeah? Always (often titled as Only You) is heartwarming and will make you smile! With believable characters and amazingly executed story, it won’t be a waste of your time.

Based on Japanese television drama Pure Soul, A Moment to Remember became a great success not only in Korea but also in Japan! The story begins with loads of funny moments but caution; it can make you cry your eyes out by the end of the melodrama! Once, a woman buys a coke in a convenience store, but accidentally forgets about the purchase and leaves it. Suddenly remembering about it, she returns to the store and sees a man walking out of the store with a similar bottle in his hands. Thinking the drink belongs to her, she doesn’t hesitate a moment and drinks it in one gulp! Later, it became revealed she made misunderstood everything but it was late! The other day, she meets the same man again! Things happen and they become the couple. However, the woman soon discovers she has a rare form of some dangerous disease.

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