Top 10 Freelance Websites to Make More Money


In this article, I want to discuss with you ten valuable freelancer websites with low competition. The best known freelancing websites like Upwork,, and Guru are the best sites to succeed in your freelancing career as a beginner.

  It is possible to earn money from freelance websites, but you need your experience and skills in various areas. Getting paid well depends on your skill level, experience, and the quality of work you deliver.


 I have taken new freelancing sites that might help you get started in freelancing more easily. These sites have low competition compared to reputable freelance websites. You can build your reputation and earn money. 


1. Rev

This is a great platform to earn money by transcription and captioning services to podcasters and YouTubers. If you’re good at listening to audio speech and converting them into text, Rev is the best platform. You can make a minimum of $1 per minute. So if you turn 50 minutes of video or audio speech into text, you can earn $50 within an hour. You will receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work you completed.


 2. Remote

Remote is an excellent freelance website to find online jobs and also office-based freelance work. When you create a perfect career profile, you can easily find a job that matches you. It uses AI technology, so your profile is shared with top employers looking for candidates like you. You can join and apply for jobs for free.


 3. Zeerk

Zeerk is micro jobs and the freelancing site that is growing with new freelancers everyday. The site allows you to price your services from $3 to $200. This is the best alternative to Fiverr. Like Fiverr, you can offer service for anything, but here competition is low.


 4. GlassDoor

GlassDoor is not a freelance platform. It’s one of the most popular job board sites in the USA, but it connects employers with freelancers. The site allows you to find jobs related to your industry and apply for the positions. Just type your field freelance job title, and you will see freelance works currently available. GlassDoor is the best opportunity for you to create gigs.


 5. goLance

goLance is one of the new freelancing websites. Create your profile with experience and complete skill tests. Search for a job that fits your skills and compensation requirements. If your contract is per hour based, you will get paid weekly. If your agreement is a fixed price, you will get paid at the end of each milestone.


 6. Remoteok 

RemoteOK is a massive job board for freelancers. You don’t need to signup account. You find the job you like, click the apply button, read the description, and apply it through the contact email. 


7. Work Market

Work Market is the best website for sales, marketing, communications, and other business development services freelancers. It is the best place for business-related freelancers who are looking for freelance jobs.


 8. Workana

Workana is the largest Latin-American freelance network. More than 700,000 freelancers are using to find the best remote and freelance jobs. Freelance jobs are available for Design, programming, writing, engineering, marketing, and finance. It offers roles for all kinds of experts.


 9. Hired 

The most popular media companies like Forbes are using to find freelancers. You can create a free profile.



 10. Craigslist

Most people use Craigslist as just a platform for buying and selling miscellaneous things, but it’s a great source to find freelance jobs.


 If you like to work through well-known freelance sites, you have to make your profile on freelance websites like UpWork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Guru, and Some people ask how I can earn money without any skill. So, my answer is this. You can not make money without giving your best. All you need is a free internet connection and zeal to learn from it without any cost. Just search according to your interest and make your mind to do something. Learn something today and make money from online jobs and live in financial freedom. If you find this article useful, show your LOVE for this article and give your valuable feedback. I meet you in the next section. Thank You.

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