Top 10  dangerous  visit places in world




1:-Jellyfish Lake

In the oceans, jellyfish are a nightmare for swimmers, but in the depths of the jellyfish lake on the island of El Malik, Palau Island, they are a source of unexpected delight. And they can range in size from a coin to a football, and best of all, they can’t even bite or sting but float quietly around people. However, one should avoid going too deep into the lake as there is a dangerous level of hydron sulfide gas, which can be fatal.


2:-Valeria volcano

Located in southern Chile, this volcano is considered a must-see for adventure-seeking tourists, especially during the hot season, when thousands of people try to climb to the top of the volcano to see the dynamic lava lake. ۔ Even in winter, the brave groups climb the ice slopes and reach the top, deceiving the avalanches. However, if you are not interested in this mountaineering, then there is also a job that invites you that requires a lot of enthusiasm, and that is the bungee chimpanzee that is attached to a helicopter that fires. The lava of the lake stands just above the next pit.


3:-Ferry Meadows

By the way, this is a beautiful and enchanting place, but the way to get there is terrifying. Saying goodbye to the Karakoram Highway from Raikot Bridge, the jeep heads towards the Black Mountains. This is a human-made road on which no vehicle other than a jeep can drive, and this road is called the second most dangerous jeep track in the world. Many people on this track also apologize for the unforgivable sins they have yet to commit while traveling in the jeep.


4:-North Yongas Road

It is the most dangerous road in the world and is commonly known as the “Road to Death.” Located in Bolivia, the way is at a very high altitude of 15,000 feet in a wavy shape and is cut through the mountains. Hundreds of vehicles pass through it every year, with some unlucky vehicles falling more than 1,000 meters. Due to its narrow width, which covers only 12 feet of single lane, lack of safety fences, and lack of visibility in rain and fog, two to 300 people lose their lives on this road every year. Wash your hands Because of its dangerous nature; it is now becoming a favorite destination for cyclists, rather than a car park.



5:-Pedra da Giva

Pedra da Giva is a 2,762-foot mountain in the Brazilian city of Ude Janeiro that offers breathtaking views of the sea and the city. But it has also become a source of a variety of adventures. From the top of this hill, one can see the national park, the sea, and the city, but people go there and terrifyingly test their morale. By the way, climbing this hill is also a daunting task, i.e., it takes three hours to reach the top, and physical fitness is essential for this. But apart from that, when people reach the top of the hill, then they take such pictures. They start making things that terrify the viewers.


6:-Mount Hushan

The beautiful temple on the peaks of Mount Hoshan in northwestern China and the views of the rising and setting of the sun can win anyone’s heart, but access to it is not just a matter of a weak-hearted person. The peak can only be reached on foot, and that too by walking only 12 inches wide at night, which can result in stumbling thousands of feet directly into the ground. Although there are chains on the sidewalk, the broken bridge-like path is broken in several places, or there is no ground at all, which is why the desire to reach the top has claimed hundreds of lives in recent years, and yes, there—peeking down. At the same time, traveling can also be quite overwhelming.


7:-Corbett Coalware


Located on the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the US state of Wyoming, this icy slope is the dream of every skiing expert, but keep in mind that it is also considered to be the terrifying ice slope in the United States. At an altitude of more than 10,000 feet, the Corbett slope spirals like a diamond and has to be tilted at an angle of 60 degrees. Still, the most prominent beauty or danger here is the first leap from the top Depending on the condition of the ice, however, in the case of planting, it has to be planted at a depth of 10 to 30 feet.


8:-Snack Island


It is also considered to be the terrifying place in the world; at least if you are afraid of snakes, there can be no more horrible island for you. There are 4,000 snakes on this 110-acre island in Brazil, which means you encounter one snake every 6 yards. The island of Kiumada Grenada is home to not only ordinary snakes but also the most significant number of golden vipers, more venomous than any other snake in the world. The venom of this snake is said to be 3 to 5 times faster and more dangerous than that of snakes found in other parts of the world, and it can even melt human flesh. And not surprisingly, the same snake causes 90% of snakebite deaths in Brazil.

9:-Caro Negro

Climbing this vibrant volcano in the Central American country of Nicaragua is quite a thrilling experience, but if you try to slip on its slopes, how far will the excitement go? If you are ready for it, this volcano welcomes you where you can sit or stand on a piece of plywood and experience the dangerous slippery slope. By the way, it doesn’t sound peculiar, but the fact is that there is a great danger that you will be burned by the lava or smell the poisonous gases that will throw you in bed for a long time. And yes, before you do that, don’t forget to put on safety goggles and clothes because this volcano has erupted lava more than 20 times in the last one and a half hundred years.


10:-Devils Pool


Victoria Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, attracting thousands of tourists every year. However, one of the biggest reasons for this is the famous Devil’s Pool, which is naturally visible in the form of a circle at the place where the water flows on the edge of the waterfall. Between August and January, brave swimmers are allowed to take a long jump through the pool. A slippery rock barrier prevents you from going down thousands of feet, and most people are part of this experience to create the most memorable picture of their lives here. 


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