Tools You Need to Make Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

Mini Jigsaw

The mini jigsaw is the most important miniature furniture tool that is required and without one, it is virtually impossible to saw intricate cuts. A handsaw will not do the job to your satisfaction and trying to mitre the ends will become a stressful task. Moreover, as you progress with the work, other more difficult and detailed operations would surface and only a mini jigsaw can cut the tiniest pieces.

Choose a jigsaw with a rotating electric motor. This will reduce unnecessary vibrations that will occur if you use a vibrating electric motored jigsaw.

Miniature Power Drill

The miniature power drill is the second most important tool required for miniature furniture making. It helps speed up the works while ensuring accuracy. Chose a power drill that has a variable speed because it broadens the drills usefulness. A must-have attachment is a drill stand which allows the hand drill to be used as a drill press. This enables holding the drill down at any angle, giving the craftsman free hands to work with.

Other attachments may seem tempting to buy, but the drill stand and a router attachment will suffice, especially if you are a beginner crafter.

Mini Lathe

The lathe is the third most essential tool required for miniature furniture making. If you intend to make period style furniture with turned legs, posts, etc., this tool must be part of your collection of tools. However, if you plan to make only simple basic furniture – square shapes and simple parts, then you probably don’t necessarily have to buy it.

Some skilful miniature furniture makers can carve curvi-linear and other intricate pieces by hand, but if you are not yet skilled in the craft, doing it will waste a considerable amount of your time. You definitely need a lathe.

One with moderately fast speed will do for all the required wood works while a slower speed lathe is great for any form of metal works that may be needed for the task of miniature furniture making.

Mini Circular Saw

Today you will find miniature circular saws that enable a miniature furniture craftsman to cut perfectly straight wood, even up to about a quarter of an inch thickness (8mm). Some mini circular saws come as attachments to a lathe. It is best to choose a circular saw that works with an adjustable blade angle of 45 degrees. With this type, you can make perfect mitre cuts which allow for the beveling of wood edges.

Pin Vice

This is an inexpensive hole drilling tool and another must-have mini furniture tool. It is handy when you have intricate works that require precision and accuracy. For example, if two holes at the ends of very narrow dowels must meet accurately, a pin vice will help you do this effortlessly. This tool is good for fitting into hard to reach places that the electric hand drill may not reach and so, is a valuable addition to the larger hand drill.

Mitre Box

Just as a pin vice can drill tiny holes more easily and accurately than a hand drill, so will a mitre box mitre a wood end more easily than the jigsaw. This mini tool can cut wood pieces at a variety of angles, though it is only useful for very small pieces that the jigsaw is too large to handle. The jigsaw only handles larger pieces of furniture parts.

For instance, when you build miniature picture frames, the mitre box will cut mitres for the frame (imagine how tiny these can be), as well as small items like door and window frames, picture moldings, cornices, trims, and baseboards.

Though owning this tool is not a requirement for making miniature furniture, a craftsman will find that working without this tool will make the task slow, and will likely cause inaccuracies.

Some other tools you may like to have included in your collection are:

  • Miniature files

  • Piercing saw

  • Miniature chisels

  • Squares

  • Precision tip glue bottles

  • Craft and carving knives

  • Glueing jigs and clamps

As you become more skillful, your tool collection will grow just as your enthusiasm will. Granted, there is a vast range of tempting miniature hand tools and equipment that you may wish to buy but it’s good to know that while some will turn out very useful, some will not.

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