These top 3 mysteries of this temple is really shocking

India the land of gods, an area of many mysteries.

So come with me to explore some interesting things. I’m going to tell you one of those mysteries, which is exciting and shocking.

So this is a mystery of a temple named “Ananth Padmanabha Swamy temple.”

This temple is located in the capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram city. This temple is a deity of Lord Vishnu. It is also considered as the 108th temple of Lord Vishnu. Plz, read the full article. This is quite interesting.

1) The curse(shrimp) of the temple.

This temple is consisted of 7 vaults named as Dallara A,B,C,D,E,F,G. According to Hindu Vedas and Puranas, it is said that if anyone tries to open the main vault forcefully, they will be killed by the divine nagas (snakes) protectors of the temple.

Bcoz, the main vault of the temple, is cursed with the nagabandhanam ( a divine lock of snakes). The dangerous reptiles are protecting it.

In 1930 some people tried to open the main vault, and they faced many snakes moving towards them. Some of them have suffered death, as described in the Puranas.

2.the vault B (main vault).

The main vault i.e., B, was very different bcoz the other six vaults were openable, but when it comes to primary vault B, it seemed to be impossible to be opened because there are no doors, no screws, no gap just nothing.

Having a significant layer of metal in the form of a snake attached to it looks so dangerous.

There is a belief that the temple doors can only be opened by the Garuda mantra(line of magical words), which can not be said by any reasonable person.if they try to open it by forcefully or destructively .then there will be a colossal disaster.

The world will be flown off in tsunami and snakes. Bcoz it is closed by the pandits and vidhvans(holy priests), and they cursed it.

They believe that one day a mysterious Siddh purush(holy person who has all the knowledge of Vedas)  will come and open this by pronouncing those magical words correctly.

In the current scenario, no such person is living on the earth.

Some people say that they heard the sound of water and snakes behind the main door.

3.The treasure.

The temple is crafted full of gold beautifully. The supreme court sent the archeologists and other teams for research, and we’re successful in opening the vaults other vaults except for vault B.

They found that vaults D, E, F, G were found to be empty.

But when they opened the vault A then everyone there was found to be very shockingly surprised they couldn’t believe in their eyes. There was a vast treasure that they found there were many precious stones, emeralds, utensils of gold, many pots full of gold coins, a 9ft long golden coller consisting of many gold coins which weigh up to 7.5 kg.

The retired judge of the supreme court, who was also the part of the team, had told that many things are discovered a statue of a golden elephant, a big golden crown, etc.

He said it was like 8th wonder. The two eyes were not enough to see that beauty.

Then the supreme court had sent a team to estimate the value of the treasure, so they found that the current amount of wealth was 180 billion dollars without antique pricing.

Adding the antique pricing, it will be 10x times the current value. Therefore it is one of the richest temples.

Even then also some people tried to open in 1908 and 1931 the temple, but they had faced nothing but the failure many of them met the death the bunch of snakes many times they had to leave to save their lives.

This is still a mystery……


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