These animals are very dangerous

 Our planet is the most beautiful in the universe. Many wildlife and pets live on-Earth. Our planet is full of 2/3% of the water. So the area of ​​the earth is very small. In this article, I will explain about five dangerous animals.

1) Fattail Scorpion (Asia)

We know that Scorpion is very dangerous. They are found everywhere in the world. Many people are killed by Scorpion attacks every year. The Scorpion has eight legs and a tail. This type of pain is found at the tail end. They are known as living fossils. Scorpions live everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Here I explain in detail the most dangerous Scorpions. It is known as Fattail Scorpions. It is also available in Asia. Fattal Scorpion is one of the world’s most dangerous Scorpions. They are found in the water and holes in the Earth. They are found in Middle East Asia and Africa. They are up to 10 cm long. Pain contains neurotoxin in the upper range. It can, therefore, lead to the death of its enemies and human beings. It feeds on creatures like Cricket, Grasshopper, and cocks. Fattal  Scorpion is one of the most dangerous creatures in Asia. They usually attack and eat small creatures.




2)    African Elephant. ( South Africa)

The elephant is the biggest animal on the land. They are two types of Elephants      

(a) Asian Elephant    

    (b) African 

The age of Asian elephants is around 40 years. But the African Elephant can live between 60-70 years. Asian Elephant is smaller than the African Elephants. Asian Elephant weight is a minimum of 4000 kg. But the African Elephant reach up to weight 6000 kg. The height of the Asian Elephant is 2.7 m. The height of African Elephants attains up to 3.2 m. Indian Elephant is counted among the group of Asian elephants. African Elephant has grey skin. Its size and shape are different from the Asian Elephant. Most of the African Elephant lives in the African forest. African Elephant is a combination of two variety of elephants in Africa. They are the African Bush Elephant and the smaller African forest Elephant. They eat big tree branches and coconut leaves.

 3)Eurasian wolf. ( Europe)

Wolf is a family member of dogs. They live all over the forest in the world. Wolf is a very dangerous animal. They live in the forest in groups. Mature wolf has 1.2 feet to 2.0 feet in length. Their life span is 6-8 years. Now I will discuss the Eurasian wolf. Eurasian Wolf is also known as a common wolf or Middle Russian forest wolf. They are the subspecies of the grey wolf. Matured Eurasian wolf becomes 105-160 cm and their shoulder height becomes 80-85 cm and the average weight becomes 32.5 km.




4) Great White Shark. ( North America)

Shark is living under the Ocean. Shark is a giant mammal. Some types of Shark is very dangerous. Some giant Shark can destroy the giant Ships and Submarines. We can use the small Shark as food items. In this article, I will describe a dangerous type of Shark in North America. It’s known as the Great White Shark. Great White Shark lives beside the Ocean. A mature Shark attains 6 m length and weight reaches 2 tons. Their life span is 30 years. Mature female shark reaches 4.5 m to 6.0 m and matured male becomes 3.4 m to 4.1 m long. They eat small Sea creatures like Sea otter and Seals. Its color is pure white. Its teeth are very sharp. They are concentrate in the North East American ocean, California, South African coastal area, and Japan seaside.


5) Green Anaconda.

( South America) Green Anaconda is a great reptile. It’s the world’s great snake species. It’s usually found in South America. Green Anaconda becomes 30 feet long and 250 kg weight. it usually lives in water. mature male anaconda becomes 3 m in length and the female matured snake becomes 4.6 m length. It is one of the heaviest and longest reptiles in the world. the green anaconda is Olive green in color. The head of the Anaconda is comparatively smaller than the body. Their eyes are located on the top of the head. they spend most of the time water and they tend to float beneath the surface of the water when pray passes or animals drink water Anaconda strikes and swallows it.

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