Sports is a physical activity that keeps you healthy and happy, If you play sports you will be healthy and your mind will be peaceful. Cleaver people make the best decisions for their life so they include sports in their life so their mind will be peaceful and they can make the best decisions for their life and business. Sports has many advantages but no Disadvantage. If you play sports every day then you are a cleaver and healthy person. If you want to make a professional career in sports then it is very easy for you and consumes less time and effort if you play sports every day and if you want to make a career in sports and you don’t play sports every day, so you will have to start practice from this day. If you want to play sports then first you want to practice in your home and one day you will be playing for your city and then national sports and then you will be representing your nation in International sports. I don’t ask you that you play every sport but you play that sport in which you are interested in Football, Cricket or anything else.

There are many kinds of sports. Sports are also a kind of exercise. If you are playing sports then you are also dealing with your body and organs and keeping them healthy. Sports is also building natural competitiveness and goles and personal approach. A Nation should be e be built a habit to include sports in their activities. Sports provide a bunch of advantages to people their sthetheirsically. Sports are the foundation for healthy people and cleaver nation. Sports build a sense of humor in people because they are playing with a team and build a responsibility to help and take care of your teammates and with this habit, you will also take care of your friends, relatives and family members. These are the benefits of sports.

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