The right way to clean and sanitize the interiors of your car explained  | The Times of India

There are a lot of high-touch areas inside your car, which you frequently use or access. All these places and utilities have tiny nooks and crevices which can make it super easy for germs or any coronavirus infection to breed in. Remember, COVID-19 can transmit to surfaces and make them hazardous. Hence, it’s important to give surfaces a good wipe-down. You will be surprised to see the number of germs and grimes the wipe picks up. Pay attention to surfaces such as armrest, any display screens, cupholders, radio controls, gears, cubbyholes and paddle shifts.

Use a good grade disinfectant which cleans surface-level bacteria and viruses. Simple soap and water can also be effective, provided you have the time for it and you do it carefully. Any type of soap solution or heavy-duty cleaning may weaken down coronavirus.

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