Strange India All Strange Things About India and world

01. Schonburn Schlosspark

There is a big building which is 300 years old building, but the fact is there is a huge garden in front of that building and the trees in that garden are in a very unique shape.

The shape of that trees are in a symmetrical in shape the trees has been cutted in a straight line this makes that place so unique and amazing.


03. Teddy Roosevelt

There was an incident took place in 1912 with teddy Roosevelt he was the president of America. Once they were going to present a speech when they reached the place they got a gun shot in that situation all the people around them were running and shouting up, but at that time the president said friends I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible I don’t know whether you are fully understanding that I have just been shot; but it takes more of that to kill a bull moose, but I have my script in my hand and you all can se I was going to present a long speech, but there is a bullet in me it probably saved me from getting in my heart the bullet is in me now so that I can’t make a very long speech but I will try my best.

After that he started does his speech and he took 90 minutes to fully complete his speech without seeking any medical attentions after finishing the speech then he was taken to the hospital for the surgery.


03. Magdeburg water brigde

There is a bridge in Germany known as magdeburg waterbridge. It is the most famous bridge in the Germany.

It is also known as the most awesome design made by the civil Engineers. The water is flowing from below and above the bridge that’s why it is known as the most beautiful and amazing architecture made by the engineers in world.


04. The Melting Building

There is a building known as a hausmannian building spotted in Paris George V Avenue. It is also known as a melting building. 

The speciality of this building that there is no speciality, yes you heard correct it is built just as normal as other buildings, but with the illusory effect to show it just like it’s melting building. They used some stickers and stucked them on the building. If you see the building from some distance you will never get to know that it is an illusion but when you touch it then you will realise that it is just an illusion of the eyes but overall the building is fully normal.


05. Bandra Worli Sealink

Everyone thinks that there are very few infrastructures of India like Taj Mahal and others, but there are unknown infrastructures in India.

There is a bridge in Mumbai known as Bandra Worli Sealink bridge which connects Bandra West Mumbai to Southern Mumbai, but the fact is that the length of the wire used in maintaining the stability of the bridge is 40,075 km. To make it understand you can walk one full round around the earth. If you start walking from one point you will reach the same point at the end of that wire it is the length of that wire.



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