The biggest suspense is over! US media predicts that he will lock in the Durant Warriors and the new season will break out

So far, the Warriors have four players locked in the starting position, Curry, Russell, Dream Green, Luny, only one suspense, who will replace Durant as the starting small forward position? In fact, on this issue, coach Cole does not have much choice. In the eyes of American media ClutchPoints, McKinney has already locked in the starting position, which is the Warriors’ choice.

    In the choice of the starting position 3, the coach Cole is also available for a limited number of people, nothing more than McKinney and Glenn Robinson III 2. Since Robinson has just joined the Warriors this season, he still needs to run in with his teammates. Besides, he has apparent shortcomings on the offensive end, and his shooting ability is not good. Therefore, McKinney has locked in the position of the starting small forward in the new season.

    The US media believes that the 26-year-old McKinney is the best choice for the Warriors, and is the best choice for Steve Cole. Although he averaged only 4.8 points and 3.4 rebounds per game last season, McKinney will have an explosive season, and the score will explode.

    Last season, McKinney’s three-point field goal percentage was 36%. This is still the case when the playing time is unstable, and the state is fluctuating. The new season will grow steadily with the playing time. The score will inevitably arise, which will be his season of breakthrough. Durant’s departure and Clay Thompson’s absence will give him plenty of catch-and-shoot shots, and this is what McKinney is best at.

    The biggest test for McKinney’s new season is a defense. He is a very defensive player, but his experience is still very scarce, but fortunately, he has a teammate named Chamo Green, with the help of Green’s guidance. Will McKinney’s defense improve. How to maintain a stable output on the offensive end while strengthening protection is the key to whether McKinney can make a breakthrough.

    McKinney is the X factor of the Warriors. In the new season, the Warriors’ strike line configuration is the weakest in the past five years. The first ones were Harrison Barnes and Iguodala. In recent seasons, Durant and Iguodala have been played. Now, all three players are After leaving the team, the Warriors’ front line configuration became McKinney and Glenn Robinson. Before Clay Thompson returns, McKinney must support the wing of the Warriors.

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