Tencent Announces $5M In Prize Pool Money for 2020 PUBG Mobile Ecosystem

Tencent announced a $5M commitment to its PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem,which will see three new leagues formed going into 2020 as part of a global restructuring of its competitive infrastructure.The announcement came on the heels of the Fall Spilt Global Finals that recently ended on December 1.

2019 saw PUBG Mobile (coupled with the Chinese version,peacekeeper Elite) Players spend on average $140M a month on in-game transactions that includes character cosmetics and season passes that allow pl;ayers to buy bulk cosmetics for the most current theme.PUBG Mobile is the first battle royale game to see $1B in revenue since its launch in March of 2018.

According To Newzoo, the mobile games market,which includes titles such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile,set to hit the $68B mark by the end of 2019,which accounts for 46% of the global gaming market.

  • Tencent has comitted $5M USD to the 2020 PUBG Mobile competitive eco system.
  • PUBG Mobile is the first mobile game to surpass $1B in revenue.
  • Three pro leagues to be added to the league structure

James Yang,director of PUBG Mobile, took to the stage and announced the detailes for the previously announced Southeast Asia Pro League, and that two additional leagues would be formed for the Americas and South Asia.

Changes to the ecosystem in 2020 will include a qualifier system that could see teams from individual countries make their way to the top league in the structure-known as the world League.

Tencent has spent $148M to buy all the shares of Funcom,according to an IANS report.Earlier,it had bought a 29 percent stake in the gaming company from KGJ capital that made it thelargesr shareholder.According to Polygon,back in 2013,it invested $330 million in Fortnite developer Epic Games taking about 40% of the company.It’s buying spree took in League of Legends developer Riot Games,Paradox,Supercell and Ubisoft.

PUBG Mobile has seen a glorious run in the mobile gaming market,bringing Tencent immense sucess and money. According to a new revenue report,PUBG Mobile saw a surge in its net revenue between February to March in 2019.

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