Take This Quiz & Find Out Which Member Of The Seven From Amazon Prime Video's 'The Boys' Are You

‘Well well well! Ain’t we guys lucky that Daddy’s finally home, eh!? 

Seriously, who doesn’t like superheroes? I mean some of us even secretly nurture the fantasy of being one. And we won’t lie, but watching the supremely powerful Supes in Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, pull some uber-cool stunts has got us all thrilled. So much so, that we’re now wondering which mighty member of the Seven we might be. 

Well, take this fun quiz and find it out. *Looks for the cape* 

What’s your moral alignment

Which one are you in your gang

Pick a detail for your costume

Which cause are you likely to stand for

What colour costume would you have?

9. What is more important for you? 

What’s your superhero hairstyle  

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