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Be it her super-fit body, her positive spirit or the brave way she has brought up her two daughters single-handedly, former beauty queen and actress Sushmita Sen is an inspiration for so many.

The actress is a mother to two daughters, Renee, who is 20 and younger one Alisah, who is 10. While motherhood is tough and raising kids requires a lot of resilience, there are certain things only kids can make you understand and Sushmita truly believes in the same. Just recently, the actress shared a post reminiscing details about how she adopted a child when she was just 24 and how they have come a long way as a family.

Talking about her elder one, Renee, who is “not so little anymore”, Sushmita said that more than her teaching her daughters, there are some ways her own two children have “mothered” her on in life. The post is super emotional and something every parent can relate with in a way.

Sharing a throwback picture, the mother of two wrote:

Sometimes I look at these pictures & wonder, when I see Renee & me even at age 2 yrs & 26yrs old…the child was always me!!!🙈😄😍❤️💃🏻 It’s magical to realise I am the one who’s been mothered all along!!! #sharing #precious #memories #mother #daughter #journey 😍💋💃🏻❤️ I love you guys!!! #duggadugga 😇

While the actress’s decision to bring up two children all by herself at such a young age did raise eyebrows, Sushmita has always talked about how close-knit and strong family is to her and the many ways motherhood brought along a change in her personality. The actress might not have given birth biologically, but according to her, bringing up Renee and Alisah felt like she gave birth to them from her heart. In an interview earlier this year, she said:

“In the natural birth, the mother and the child connect through the umbilical cord but in adoption, the mother and the child are connected by this higher power, a connection that you cannot cut off. I have had the privilege of experiencing it twice. To become a mother who has given birth from the heart. I have not missed a day of feeling the joy of motherhood,”

“The wisest decision I made at the age of 24 was to become a mother. It stabilized my life. People think it was a great act of charity and wonderful action but it was self-preservation. It was me protecting myself. But I am proud of the 24-year-old because I could have delayed the process, ignore the calling but I didn’t do that,”

Just some months back, a letter written by Alisah thanking her mom for adopting her and “saving her life” went viral on the internet. A proud Sushmita shared excerpts from the same on social media:

“You gave life in such a way, that you saved one” 👏😇🙏 #alisahsen ❤️ #10yrsold #essay #adoption 🤗❤️She had me in tears!!! This magnitude of love, acceptance, security, purity & honesty…the divinity in her convictions…uffff! Just listening to her opens the heart!!! #sharing #truth #kindness #bornfromtheheart 😍💋😊🌈I love you guys!!! #listen #duggadugga 😇

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