Most of us, knowingly or not, may have experienced that a bigger and heavier wallet is needed every coming year. Whether you buy groceries, or fuel your ride, the amount requested in return keeps mounting.

“Things get costlier day by day”, such murmuring is expected among common people, along with some raising of eyebrows. On the other hand people having educational background in finance would say that money is losing its value, its buying power. This phenomenon is most commonly named as “Inflation”.

Nearly all economies experience some form of Inflation. A questioning mind, which is vary of future must make sure that value is stored in some form. To achieve this, we must appreciate that money does not like sitting idle. In case it sits idle in one’s pockets and drawers, it loses motivation to multiply.

Money wants us to invest it wisely. A good investment, whose associated risks are minimum, should be able to guard the purchasing power of the investor in future, as adequate and stable returns are expected from them. Generally, Government bonds are at the pinnacle of least risk, along with a stake in gold or precious metals.

Advocates of “higher risks and higher rewards” also have options up their sleeve. Putting money into company shares or real estate may offer towering returns in exchange for seasonal fluctuations. In case if time is not a constraint, one can do business. Managing a business requires knowledge, skills and patience, but is the most rewarding of all options.

Saving money today is saving fortune. Money attracts more money. Today, storing the value of money is of utmost importance in this transforming volatile world.

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