Storage Solutions For Knitters

Getting Started -Needle And Yarn Organization

AS an avid knitter, I know how easy to collect skeins of yarn and accessories. I am always on the lookout for my yarn needles ! But once I got organized, I found more time to do the things that I loved most-knitting.

I wish that I could tell you, here is the one system that is right for you. But in fact, there is no one right system. The only system that works is the one that is right for the amount of yarn, books and needles that you have. And it must fit into the space that you have for it.

It may take some experimentation to figure out the right system for you.

Another consideration is how you will organize your stuff, once you get the system that is right for you. If you only deal with one type of wool, then you can just store by color.

Another type of storage idea is to store by manufacturer. You could also store them by type of wool.

Once you figure it all out, you will be able to take credit for a job well done.

Yarn Storage Tips To Get You Started

  1. If you are storing your yarn as balls, safety pin the wrapper with all the information on the ball. That way you can always refer to it if you need to.
  2. If you tend to knit in the living room as I do, get an ottoman with a lid, It is perfect for storing project you are working on as well as other yarn.
  3. When you are done with a project, staple one of the yarn wrappers to the page, That way you will know the yarn you used

DIY Yarn Center


1 large rectangular plastic bucket

6 or more empty plastic disinfectant wipe containers


  1. Complely wash and dry the plastic disinfectant container
  2. Decorate the container with paper or paint as desired
  3. Place the skein in the container
  4. Take one end of the skein and wind it through the notch that normally holds the disinfectant sheet
  5. Label the container with the skein information.
  6. Store in the plastic bucket

Recycled Yarn Containers

There are so many items around your home that you can use to recyle for your yarn organization. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use an extra colander. Thread the yarn through the colander holes to keep it from getting tangles
  • Use an old baby wipes container
  • Purchase a large plastic bin with a tight fitting lid. (if you get one with a handle, it is easy to tote around)
  • Use under the bed storage units
  • Use a hanging closet cubby
  • Use a hanging shoe holder for your skeins
  • Use woven baskets mounted on a wall
  • A galvanized bucket is perfect for holding yarn or needles
  • Use egg boxes from your grocery to store small balls of yarn, They will stack nicely
  • Use wooden clothes pins to store bits of yarn. Wrap the yarn around the clothes pin. Write the name of the yarn on the end of the pin. Store them in a basket or a box.
  • Store skeins upright in an old dresser drawer
  • Use an old desk or hutch to store yarn and knitting materials
  • Use an Ikea rolling cart
  • Use an expanding wooden rack to store skeins of yarn
  • Use an old crib rail. Set it upright and use dowels to hold the yarn
  • Take a clean 2 liter soda bottle.Use a hook to pull one end of the yarn out of the top.

Storing Your Knitting Needles-Some Simple Solutions

Let’s face it, if you are like me, you have sets of knitting needles that could be considered either hoarding or collecting, depending on how you look at it. Once you decide on one of these storage solutions, I promise that you will always have your pairs of knitting needles when you need them.

  1. Use a paint can to store your needles
  2. Store your DPN needles in an empty and clean Crystal Light conatiner
  3. A tote bag with your pairs of needles rubberbanded together
  4. Pringle cans
  5. Cardboard wine bottles decorated
  6. A pretty vase
  7. Zipper lock store bags -especially for circular needles
  8. A clear plastic tackle box
  9. In a mason jar
  10. An ice bucket
  11. Decortive gift bags
  12. In a large coffee can
  13. Use a paint brush caddy
  14. Long plastic storage boxes

Do Not Overlook The Dollar Store For Knitting Storage Solutions

There are plenty of things that you can find at your local dollar store to help you with your knitting storage. Thinking outside of the box will help you get the storage tools that you need and stay within your budget.

  1. Toothbrush brush holder will hold your crochet hooks, round knitting needles, and small double sided needles
  2. Pocket holders can be used to hold needles, hooks and more.They can then be held in an upright magazine holder
  3. Portion pack bags are perfect to hold all kinds of knitting accessories, If you do not have a label maker, you can also find labels at your dollar store.
  4. Pill stacked boxes will also hold things like pins and accessories
  5. Over the chair storage-If you are limited in the area that you have to store your knitting supplies, this might be the product for you. It has a pocket system and slips over the back of your chair.
  6. See through containers-lets you see what you have and are stackable
  7. Multi holed tote-perfect for your wool storage. You can feed the ends through the holes

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