Schooling in Pakistan

I live in Sialkot city which is known as one of the richest cities of Pakistan.It is the city of exporters who are very fond of lavish lifestyle and luxury. This psyche of them has somehow influenced their perception of education too,which has given rise to the popularity of high-class schools.

A couple of months ago, I got a chance to work as a teacher in a “high-class” school. By “high-class”, I mean a category of schools which are highly paid and are  beyond the access of middle class.

Anyways, before getting in, I had a very sublime impression of the school. It’s building was great and impressive and it had its own TV channel to tighten their marketing grip on media. “How flawless it would be” I thought.

On my very first day, the principal set aside my CV and verbally kept on asking me about my qualification. At moments, I realized that she didn’t know about the degree of which I am a continuing student. But she covered her up very well. There are thousands of degrees people are studying worldwide. It’s okay if we don’t know about some of them. There is nothing to be embarassed about.

Another thing which I remember was the advice of principal to me, to be monolingual while talking to students. I was allowed to speak Urdu only while delivering a new concept. Later on, I felt sorry to realize that her promotion of monolingualism was really lame. How kids reacted to my “monolingualism” was really hilarious.

It’s really pathetic to keep your focus on forcing kids to speak English rather than making them knowledgeable. 

School had insufficient maids and teachers were told to turn into maids in particular situations. 

Washrooms were very old style. I mean if you are grabbing Rs. 12000 as a fee for an5, 6 years old kid, you are obviously smart enough to grip the high class. And while doing so,aren’t you supposed to provide their kids the facilities which match their lifestyle?You are targeting a class which is habitual of using showers in their washrooms, and you are getting paid for it but what you are actually providing them is “LOTA”.

Anyways, it was really fun to be a teacher of one day. I have plan to be a teacher of one day at some other school so that I could get opportunity to rip off fancy veil our schools have put onto their faces. 

Till then, Goodbye. 

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