School Ties (1992) Film Review by Suleman Ashiq

School Ties is one of the finest reflection of my adolescent life, It was the perfect and most influential film which introduced me to the “Coming of Age Genre”. It gives me the sneak peek to the politics I’ve faced in the coming years of my university life. This film taught me, how can a “girl” screw two friends and how jealousy rot a relationship and It is one of those films which professed how racism destroys the truest potential of a person abilities as the plot of the film was mainly focused on racial segregation in 1950’s America.

School Ties is based on the personal experiences of writer and television producer Dick Wolf. Set in the 1950s, a star-quarterback is given an opportunity to attend an elite preparatory school but must conceal the fact that he is Jewish.

Honestly, I watched this film for Brendan Fraser. At that time, I thought him to be the biggest star of Hollywood and that’s what he has proven in the earliest stages of his shaken career. Fraser as David Green was fabulous, I’ve through the emotional depth of his character that I’ve seen the film 3 consecutive times, he was magnificently intense, innocent, and brilliant.
It was way before, his introduction to the comedic genre.

At times, I was alienated with Matt Damon, Chris O’ Donnell, Cole Hauser and Ben Affleck but they were outstanding in their respective character especially Matt and Chris, I was heavenly impressed from their performances that I decided to watch Chris O’Donnel in “The Scent of a Woman”, another heart-warming film and to watch Matt, I downloaded “Good Will Hunting”. So, School Ties sets the tone of my Hollywood filmography as a viewer.

The sad part, this film is highly un-rated due to highly unpopular opinion, this is a story worth to be retold so, no one has to suffer due to his Religion, Race, and Creed. This film was segregated due to the content, It has but 3 years later, a film on the same subject with historical accuracies and way more meaning and tense plot named “Scindlair List” won accolades.

The direction of Robert Mandel was a reflection of American elite school system, a passageway to all the stimulant stressors of teenage, the way he handled upcoming royalty of Hollywood was a treat to watch especially the way he captured Brendan Fraser intensity and innocence was something, his recent directors failed to do so, Robert has given everyone an equal share of screen space to shine in their roles.

Cinematography is heavenly, the era of 1955 was captured beautifully,
Music is melodic especially the main theme of “the school ties”.

The School Ties is an under-rated film and It should deserve to be spotted with the giants like, “Dead Poets Society, The Breakfast Club, Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester” and other great films focused on youth and fire.

Rating: 10/10

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