Ruthless Australian 'assassin flies' named for Thor, Deadpool — and Stan Lee

Quick: Think of the most heroic animal on Earth.

If you said “the fly” — that notoriously annoying insect that eats garbage, breeds in dung and transmits disease all over the world — then you are on the same page as the Australian biology community. Researchers at Australia’s federal science agency, CSIRO, have described five previously unknown species of “assassin flies” and named them after some beloved Marvel superheroes. 

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The “Black Widow fly,” Daptolestes feminategus, meaning woman wearing leather (Image credit: CSIRO/ Marvel)

The Black Widow fly

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The new fly named for Loki

The “Loki fly”, Daptolestes illusiolautus, meaning elegant deception (Image credit: CSIRO/ Marvel)

The Loki fly

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The fly named for Stan Lee

And the “Stan Lee fly,” Daptolestes leei, whose black eyes and bristly white whiskers resemble the famous comic book creator. (Image credit: CSIRO/ Shutterstock)

The Stan Lee fly

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The fly named for Thor

The “Thor fly”, Daptolestes bronteflavus, meaning blond thunder (Image credit: CSIRO/ Marvel)

The Thor fly

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