Remember the pizze burger guy from India-Pakistan World Cup 2019 match? I am sure you do because rarely does a rant from a fan become more iconic than a particular game itself. 

But for those who can’t recollect, I am not talking about this man. 

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Really upset with the Pakistan cricket team after their loss to India, this fan, whose name is Momin Saqib, went on to give the passionate speech which has been shared and quoted a million times, if not more. 

Mujhe pata chala hai kal raat ye log burger khate rahe hain, kal raat ye log pizze khaate rahe hain. Inhein cricket chhudwaao aur dangal ladwaao. Inse kaho dangal lade. Matlab koi fitness koi kuch nahin hai yahan pe. Matlab hum inse itni umeedein bana ke baithe hai aur inhein burger khaana hai.

Momin perfectly captured the sentiments of Pakistan cricket fans and was so funny, well, it was difficult even for Indians to dislike him. So, today, after more than a year to that historic speech, we decided to find out what he is doing now.

And turns out, he is doing a lot. 

Momin, who describes himself as ‘Former President, Life Member at King’s College London SU’, has been doing a lot of relief work amid the ongoing pandemic.

In fact, he was featured by the college website for his outstanding contributions. He, along with his brother and some other people, started a project called One Million Meals, which was aimed at providing free meals to frontline COVID-19 warriors.

Speaking about which, he noted:

Our key-workers are putting their lives on the line to protect us, but they can’t do this until they have been fed and provided with energy, a nutritious meal is the least we can do to help them through their day and to thank them for their services.

He has also been helping his mother in distributing food during these troubling times. 

You can also find him posting about the importance of distributing plasma donation, among other things.

Apart from this, Momin, who is described as actor, activist & Instagram blogger was in news earlier for bagging a movie called Dum Mastam in Pakistan in 2019. 

That’s correct, he was offered a rom-com and this is how the producer of the movie introduced him:

Last but not the least, we’re also introducing Momin in one of the supporting cast in the film, who’s an Instagram sensation and is phenomenal with his comic timings.

It was also said that he was thinking of joining popular Pakistani show Har Lamha Pur Josh, which was some time after he got into a controversy in India for heckling Saif Ali Khan.

On educational front, some time after the World Cup, Momin graduated from the college. He now posts his speeches (he is a TEDx speaker) and other pictures of conferences from college.

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Throwback to when I hosted the #Minister for Higher Education & MP Mr. Sam Gyimah at King’s College London, along with our Vice Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne for a debate on Freedom of Expression in universities and the role of universities and student unions in securing freedom of speech within the law. It was an honour to host the Q&A session where the minister was asked about a variety of issues including tuition fees, mental health, international students’ support, how to close the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Student Attainment gap and free speech. I believe that universities are places to facilitate intellectually stimulating discussions, environments for constructive debates and places where ideas get tested. These are all done in a bid for the advancement of human knowledge and the betterment of our society. In the UK, freedom of expression is protected in universities to ensure that universities remain safe spaces for debate, whether within the sphere of academia or outside it, as long as the debate takes place within the law. To ensure we successfully provide safe platforms for free, peaceful and respectful dialogue we need to reduce the hoops students have to jump through because of the complexity and sometimes conflicting advice we get from various regulatory bodies and the government. #education #archives #momentfrom2018 #diversity #freedomofspeech #freedomofexpression #highereducation #student #university #debate #leadership #KingsCollege #london #KCL #mominsaqib

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But of course, nothing compares to THAT speech, which he gave after the World Cup match. His rant made him an overnight star and opened a lot of opportunities for the young man. 

He got a huge social media following and often keeps posting videos of himself to entertain his audience.

But more importantly, he is now using his voice to help people in these trying times and keeps creating awareness about coronavirus. 

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We are all currently at war with the Coronavirus pandemic. Self-isolation and social distancing is advised to be the best approach, but we must think about society at large. This virus has caused lockdowns, which is crippling economies and livelihoods of those surviving on daily wages. People are hoarding items, stocking up for themselves and their families in panic. I urge all of you to help those who are in need. Do whatever you can. Whether you provide aid through monetary means, support organizations, or personally distribute items (if you’re socially interacting with or living with high-risk individuals, maintain distance or quarantine yourself) If you’re capable of contributing in any way, however big or small your aid is, do not hesitate to give back to people in whatever capacity you can. We should also not overlook the psychological effects this pandemic has caused. Be there for your friends and family, hear them out and support them in this time of crisis. Use this time to connect. Let’s all support each other! Constant updates on my Instagram stories

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All we can say is, ekdum se waqt badal diya, jazbaat badal gaye.

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