Real Danger of "Life"

Once upon a time , there was a king who was very kind , just and soft-hearted towards his public . He was very open-hearted and used to divide gifts among the poor people of his kingdom . One day , when he was passing through a market when he saw a cruel owner punishing his slave for a mistake . The king felt very sad and went to the owner . The king asked him to sell the slave at any cost . The owner used his mind and accepted his offer at once . He sold the slave to the king . The king took the slave to his extremely large palace and asked the slave to be honest and loyal for the whole life . The slave agreed. After a lot of days , the slave became very dear and close to the king because of his ungreedy and continuouse service . The slave’s nature was very quiet and calm .One day , the king, the slave and the soldiers of the empire decided to travel and search for an island. So , a large sized boat was made ready to sail . The journey started and after a week , a beautiful island was seen by the sailor . It was quite far but the king ordered to continue the journey . When half of the distance was covered , a massive storm covered the boat . The slave was never at the sea before and had not experienced such situation . He started to cry , weep and shout . Everyone was relaxed because they knew that the storm will end after some time. So, everyone tried to calm the slave but the slave didn’t hear a single word of anyone . The king became displeased when the slave began to shout very loudly . The Commander of the soldiers came to the king and asked for permission to control this condition . Permission was granted and the Commander ordered two men to throw the slave into the sea . The both men were shocked but acted upon the order . The slave was thrown into the sea .After 2 minutes , when he was about to drown , the Commander asked to take up the slave into the boat . The slave was saved . The slave went to the corner of the boat and sit there quietly . Many times , the thunder crashed but the slave did not made a small noise . The king was very shocked about this whole instance . He questioned the Commander about the wisdom in this act . The Commander said that when the slave was in the boat . He didn’t knew about the safety of the boat .But when he was thrown into the sea , he realized that how safe was the boat for him .                                                                                                      JUST LIKE THAT ,

we cannot understand the safety of our life (which is due to prayers of our dears),  without facing a real problem of life !

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