PUBG– A True Story Of A Game              

            You knowPUBG game very well. PUBG is a very famous game. It is famous in world wide. There is a great big craze towards this of many people. PUBG is not only famous in PC games but also in Android Games. Many people thinks that is only a normal game but it make money that no one can thought. 

             PUBG Mobile earned about $900 million in 2018. It is a very big amount. So it is more than we thought. It is not only there are many things to do in this game.

             The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It not only a it is brand. There many people play PUBG. There are many users of PUBG World Wide. The developer of PUBG is ‘PUBG Corporation’. It is available on Microsoft, Xbox, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4. It is a battle royal game. It is a mutiplayer game. 

              The game play of PUBG is very interesting. In the game upto one hundread players parachute onto Island and find weapons and equipment to kill other players at the last the who left or survive all over the match become winner of the match. He gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. 

                We have many things to say about this PUBG game. This PUBG game is very good. It’s androd version PUBG Mobile is also good but there are some bugs glitches in this version. Hackers are also in this version. But the company doing their to solve and correct all these problems. Hackers will no more in PUBG Mobile game . Also there will be no more glitches and bugs in this game. Because this version is on mobile there many users of PUBG MOBILE.

These are my few words about PUBG Game


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