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Query: This is regarding my going to be teen in 7 days.

My daughter throws a terrible tantrum she cries she doesn’t feel like doing anything she only likes ipad. She is always angry which is unusual. Always throwing things. Pls let me know how to deal with this. It is my worry.

Answer by Dr Rachna K Singh: Hi, Thank you for writing to us. I completely understand why you are worried about your daughter’s behavior. At her age, children begin to go through many changes, and dealing with these changes can cause them to act out.

It is important to try and understand where your daughter’s behavior is coming from. Think about how long she has been acting this way, and whether any changes have occurred in her life lately that may have contributed to her behavior. You can also observe her to recognize what triggers her tantrums. To deal with this situation, try to listen and communicate with your daughter about her feelings. It is important to remain patient and open with her. This will show her that you support her, which may help her open up. Do not punish her for throwing tantrums before you understand where she is coming from.

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