Love Comes Softly~Love Series

They spent the night in their wagon and in the early dawn Aaron woke Marty up to tell her one of the horses was missing, and he was going to look for it. She wanted to go but he said no stay here and make me some pancakes.

Marty had finished the pancakes, and still no Aaron, so she began washing their clothes, and while she washed the clothes in the creek she heard Aaron call her name she stood up and smiled. But Aaron was not there, and so she finished washing the clothes with a worried look on her face.

Much later she is reading a book when in a distance she sees Ben Graham riding towards her. Ben has brought her Aaron home to her rolled in a blanket dead. He had fallen off his horse and broken his neck.

Marty could not say anything instead of replying she runs and climbs into the wagon and cries. Ben said through the back wagon tarpaulin the preacher is leaving tomorrow, but I will bring him in the morning for the funeral. Marty sits in her wagon all night rocking and saying we will be alright, we will be alright.

No one comes until the next morning Sarah Graham (Teresa Russell) Ben’s wife walks to the back of the wagon and tells Marty it is time for the funeral. Then Marty tells her she cannot do it. Sarah looks at her gently and says you have to Marty.

After the funeral Marty is sitting by Aaron’s grave and it starts to rain. However, she did not seem to notice the rain, but she did look up when Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff) said he had a proposition for her, a marriage of convenience, and he apologized for rushing her, but the preacher was leaving today. He told her he needed a mother for his Missy (Skye McCole Bartasick) and she needed a place to live, and if she would do this, and if she want to go home come next spring he would pay her way.

In 1800’s a marriage of convenience was common for widows who had young children to raise. Times were hard as most families lived on a farm, and everyone had chores to do. But their faith carried them through even as two families through marriage became one.

Step-mothers and step-daughters learned to work together as well as step-fathers and step-sons and their respect grew into love. Affection in some marriages of convenience happens gently; making it a quiet surprise sometimes.

I will stop here, because I do not want to spoil the rest of this wonderful movie for you. I have the entire set. And I waited each year from 2003 through 2009 to buy each DVD when it was available. So it took me six years of being patient which I am not—I am only patient with children and animals.

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