Jewellery has always been an object of desire for women. If one looks beyond the shine, each piece has its own story to tell. From billion-year-old diamonds to ancient techniques, jewels are not just adornments, but a piece of art. Driven by passion, jewellery artists often take inspiration from objects around us. The influence of geometry and architecture on jewellery designs is a classic case on point.

“Geometry and architecture around the world have always played a major role in designing our collections. The interplay of ornate structures and space has allowed us to create and bring to life our innovative designs,” says Leshna Shah, Founder & Chief Creative Director, Irasva.

From architectural spaces, geometric shapes to symmetrical patterns, the amalgamation of jewellery and art is becoming an ultimate trend. Let’s take a look at the jewellery designers and brands featuring these shapes and forms:

Inspired by the royal city of Udaipur, Tanishq’s Virasat collection celebrates the city’s rich culture and heritage. The range offers unique designs influenced by royal architecture like jharokhas, grand archways, interiors and even domes of the palaces.

(Tanishq necklace from Virasat collection)

Inspired by the architecture and geometry patterns, Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited describes one of the pieces from the collection, “This ethno contemporary necklace has been carefully designed, encapsulating the highly detailed jharokhas of the grand City Palace. The intricate geometric lattices have been re-imagined in gold using the lasercut technique and further enhanced by the interesting use of square-shaped kundan to highlight the bordering pillars. Unique artisanal stained glass- key to the Udaipur architecture, has been translated using the innovative cloisonné enamel technique in the sea-green shade.”

Tanishq jewellery collection

(Another such interesting design is the necklace set inspired by Jharokha. The set is a masterpiece of architecture carved out of gold.)

Geometry and architecture has always been a part of Tanishq’s jewellery. “We witness immense amount of geometry around us all the time. There is a wonderful sense of symmetry and harmony in architecture which naturally lends to very varied and aesthetically balanced interpretations in jewellery. We have, for example, taken inspiration from our heritage monuments, temples and palaces to create exotic gold jewellery. In contrast, works of modern architects have heavily inspired us to create minimal, futuristic jewellery for the millennials,” explains Abhishek Rastogi.

For diamond jewellery, sharp lines and symmetry have always been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for jewellery designers.

Jewellery by Forevermark

(Jewels by Forevermark)

Jewellery by Forevermark

(Jewels by Forevermark)

“Mankind has long been fascinated with geometry’s ability to decode life’s greatest mysteries. One of the trends presented by us is constructed geometry which basically consists of geometric shaped diamonds and if we look very closely it creates a repetition. For example, a mandala shape can be interpreted by one person as a flower, and by another person as a star. Geometry proves as the base of the product, but the diamond itself can take so many different shapes depending on how it is cut,” explains Federica Imperiali, head of new product development at Forevermark.

Another designer known for architectural influence is Ankit Lodha of Jewels of Jaipur. Mixing jewellery with craft and history, his jewellery line offers a range of traditional jewellery inspired by historical monuments and architecture. One such design is ‘Taj Mahal’ ring, inspired by the majestic monument.

Jewels of Jaipur Taj Mahal ring

(The ornate ring is designed in the shape of the glorious dome and elephant figured. This one-of-a-kind ring is encrusted with 4,468 diamonds.)

“History, monuments play a very important role in the outcome of any final piece of jewellery. The architecture in different cultures inspires each piece of jewellery to be unique and serves as a real reminder of the places and the intricate details. We blend it with our brand aesthetic to make classic design pieces,” explains Ankit Lodha of Jewels of Jaipur

jewels of jaipur

(Earrings by Jewels of Jaipur reflect Jaipur’s rich architecture and heritage.)

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery

(These hexagon-shaped earrings by Van Gelder Indian Jewellery showcase the beauty of geometrical patterns.)

Zoya jewellery

(Zoya’s Pezzo D’Arte collection is inspired by Italy’s beautiful architecture like Tower of Pisa, The Siena Cathedral, The Colosseum, etc.)

Irasva bangles

(Bangles by Irasva in geometrical shapes)

Thumb image courtesy: Zoya Jewellery

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