Arms is one of the favorite body parts among youngster and teenagers; everybody wants enormous arms. Arms contain two muscles one is Biceps, and the other is Triceps, Biceps is 40%, and Triceps is 60% of arms. Biceps has two heads short head and long head that has brachial, brachialis, and brachioradialis, whereas Triceps has the lateral head, long head, and medial head. Triceps exercises help in increasing your upper body strength, and the movement of elbows and joints, stronger Triceps brings stability to your arms and shoulder, also improves flexibility and range of motion. If you want big guns, you have to train them both it is commonly seen that people train biceps more and triceps, which is the wrong approach, you have to teach them equally and together.


  One of the best exercise for Biceps, it can be done in alternate or both dumbells together form. It mainly focuses on your bicep brachii or short head. In standing or sitting position first curl with one arm, then with other, the wrist should be straight and not involved. Dumbell curls also target your forearms; more muscular biceps and forearms also help in improving another exercise like deadlifts, shoulder press, bench press, etc., and will increase your overall strength.

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 Hammer Curls helps in train your Brachialis and Brachioradialis muscle and also helps in increasing your size and strength. This exercise can be seated or standing in an alternate form, and it also strengthen your forearms; it also helps to enhance your grip, which gives you a boost in lifting heavyweights. 

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As the name suggests, it concentrates on biceps short head brachii and helps in increasing your biceps size, and it is an isolated movement that helps in doing more and mind connection your biceps. Never use heavyweight in concentration curls because we want constant attention on muscle.

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This exercise can be done both seated and standing, but you should do standing because in that only your triceps muscle is involved, not legs or core. The one-arm dumbell tricep extension is an exercise targeting your one side at a time and targets all three heads of the Triceps, but when performed with the arms overhead, it mainly focuses long head of Triceps.

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5. Diamond Pushups

One of the best and practical exercises for Triceps and can be done anywhere and anytime without any machine or equipment. It focuses on not only your Triceps but also chest and shoulder; palms placed narrower than shoulder-width almost touching each other; if you are efficiently doing pushups, you can add additional weight according to your strength but for beginners bodyweight diamond pushups is best.

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It mainly used to target the long head of the Triceps; the long head of the Triceps is located at the back of your arm. This exercise effectively hits this region as it places your long head in a state of maximal contraction, relative to the other two tricep heads.

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