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When I first started my journey into the world of online businesses and earnings, I was shocked to hear the output results and yields of people who were making billions and millions of dollars just from a single website. But eventually, the process was overwhelming for me as it turned out to be different when I stepped into it.

At the start, I failed to make a single penny from any of the online businesses and earning ideas out there on other money-making websites, images, and blogs. Still, over time I started to generate revenue from it, which I will tell you later, but in the start will guide you that how websites make money and what are the mediums.

So without further delay and cut to the short story, I will guide you step by step, but for this time, you just only need to know how websites make money?

There are 5 ways through which you can make money if you have either free domain and hosting plan, or either you have purchased a part and hosting plan.


1 Ads

The first way to generate revenue from any website is launching ads from different platforms that provide ads services. 

Like you have heard of Google Adsense etc., but there are hundreds of other ad networks that will instantly approve your website, no matter what the traffic is, and will start generating revenue by impressions and clicks.

I will show you my earnings and take you all through the way, the blueprint way, but in the next articles of this series, here I will only explain that what all the mediums are available to monetize a website.

So the first one is through ads in which Google Adsense and other networks are present, which will be covered later.


2 Affiliates links.

Now suppose you have a website regarding great makeup kits or great nutrition tips.

You write great content and articles regarding such a niche. Now all you need to do is to provide an affiliate link to the product itself.

Now, whenever your subscriber or user visits the link and purchases it, you will start generating revenue.

Now here the most and most important thing maybe no one will tell you.

See, business is Trust, write genuine articles and provide useful resources to your users as it is the only key in the entire world that will take you to the hights that you have never seen or experienced before. 

Today if I am writing this content, I have made money and searched out the ways that are why I am writing it down; otherwise, I would never have jumped into such a suggestion. I will show you the complete steps in the next article.

3 E-commerce.

Another way to make millions of money is to create an e-commerce website.

Now, this is time taking, sometimes invest involved, but you can start it the free-way as well as I worked for a similar company where we used to sell things online. I left the company when I was promoted to Project Manager due to some internal issues.

But we started the free-way, which you can contact me personally at [email protected], and I will guide you through that as well.


4 Selling digital products or services.

Now, this is an extremely beneficial way through which you can make millions of rupees by just selling any digital product or service online.

It may include an ebook guiding about something, or it can be an online delivery home services that you are going to offer to your user.

As said earlier, all these ways are my self tried and tested, and I generated revenue from it, but in this article, I will just tell you all the methods only.

5 Selling your website ad space

Now, this is the way by which you can earn money by two-ways.

One, you will follow the first step to publish ads on your website, ok?

And second, you will visit your local restaurants and companies and create their banner ads and publish it on your website.

Now, you will show them your website traffic stats and ask them for a certain fee for displaying their banners and ads on your website as it will give exposure of their brand to the general public that is coming to your website.

This is also a tried and tested way.


6 Selling website.

Last but not least, this is a fast way to earn some sufficient cash. Still, for this, you have to purchase a domain and hosting plan and also make the website a bit more attractive and traffic oriented so that the user that will buy website from you should have some traffic already coming to your website.

There are many websites where you can sell your websites. if you search Google, it will provide you hundreds of websites where you can sell your website, but the most common is

Thanks for reviewing this article and stay connected for the next series where I will guide you step by step towards your earnings. 

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