How to write Articles and get views - An Ultimate Guide

Writing articles is an art and once if you learn this, you too can master the digital world. Though these things take some time but you know, everything is possible. At the beginning, I too had to face problems regarding writing articles but with time I gain experience and here I am sharing my experience with you people.

Here are my some tips (or advice, as you can say) regarding this topic.

1. Research before writing 

Doing Research is boring and frustrating at time, I agree. But that research reflects the amount of time and effort that you have put in there. Which somehow manipulates the reader and convince him that he is at the genuine place. Wikipedia is one of the best source along with Youtube and Google.

2. Adding Pictures between your Articles   

Adding images to your Blog or Article is just like giving life to dead. You may examine it by your self, take a view of this article from top to bottom and you will see many images aligned properly which gives light to this dark article.

This step is very crucial too because often I have seen people add images to their article or blog but still, it looks average and sometimes looks worse than it was before, It is because you should add images related to the particular topic only and not overusing images, which is also a downgrade for your Article or Blog.

Make sure you use royalty-free images and not an image from google. for that, you can visit the website –  freeimages.

3. Share on different Platforms


After you have decorated your article It is time to get views on it thankfully This website will provide you views on it but to get much more than that, sharing is a great way whether It is on facebook or twitter or even youtube.

I hope these tips may help you and you become a great Digital Influencer. 

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