How to promote indigenous products?

An epidemic has made clear the need for countries to become economically independent. The import sector halts unexpected exports.

 Which causes the complete deactivation of any country. Therefore, the realization of this and the strengthening of the country’s economy has topped the political agenda of the countries of the world after Corona. The Head of State is also concerned with the need to strengthen our country’s local production and increase export opportunities for local products by limiting the non-importation of non-essential goods. Output If the state-sector economic initiatives initiated in the 1970-1977 period before the introduction of open economic policy to the count This is because all the domestic production initiatives in the country during the period of 70 – 77 years of implementing the strategy of domestically producing all food items from salt to rice and other things from needle to garment, came under the Open Economic Policy Scheme introduced in the year 78. In the context of being an island surrounded by sea, Sri Lanka has become a foreign-minded country that imports food, including salt, fish, rice, and other products ranging from. As a result, the country has been forced to face a significant economic crisis. Realizing this, the state leadership is now taking steps to limit the non-essential imports of non-essential goods that have been in operation since 77. Also, the home gardening program introduced by the government has now come to fruition in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, which has crippled the country’s normalcy and restricted the movement of people to their homes. This work is further enhanced by the positive support and guidance provided by the relevant government departments.

Young people’s efforts to re-cultivate the long-abandoned field lands in conjunction with home gardening activities have made a positive impact on the local rice production and transformed the view that the younger generation has become agrarian in the field of agriculture which has seen the agriculture sector undermine its social value.try continued, the notion that the country would be today at least comparable to that of developed countries in Asia is reinforced by Corona. Given the recent restrictions on Sri Lanka’s reputation as a recent repurchase of domestic products such as auctions, cinnamon, cinnamon, and pepper, which have already earned the status of the world, the potential for overseas markets for quality products of the commodities as mentioned above is likely to increase.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of increasing the overseas market for the perfumes mentioned above and teas produced by natural farming, which do not use chemical fertilizers.

The President has expressed the principle that the government should cooperate with those who seek to involve themselves in trade or manufacturing.

The President has stressed the need for honest and direct cooperation with state banks, particularly in investments closely linked to new ventures.

The President also emphasized that the state banks should be provided with adequate funds for short term and long term local investments.

This is because many of our new local manufacturing initiatives have gone hand in hand with the lack of appropriate initial investment.

 The President has issued a directive to take immediate steps to ensure that our country’s investors have the opportunity to avail themselves of the lowest interest rates.

This is because the state banks, which are the surest way to get the investment required for small and medium-sized enterprises, have to deal with the daunting task of completing

the investment necessary, such as delays in borrowing, and the risk that state banks may face the risk of failing to meet the guarantees demanded by state banks. A large number of investments will be possible in the context of this change. However, the activities of our ministries can be seen as a significant obstacle.

For example, the new producer can get the support and support of one ministry, while another department’s activities are seen as hindering the fulfillment of that expectation.

That is why the President has created a coordinated process for all ministries directly involved in the industry, business ventures, and development activities.

This has enabled the new entrepreneurs to stand on their own feet and provide them with the financial and material guarantee required for their investment.

In particular, the need to facilitate the cooperation of all the ministries for new ventures has been realized, and action has been taken to ensure that the new entrepreneurs do

The idea is to increase domestic production by encouraging them to solve problems that new entrepreneurs face, especially in terms of financial, legal advice, access to manufacturing resources, obtaining

environmental feasibility reports, and accessing the required human resources and marketing facilities.

The government’s position is that providing the above-mentioned basic amenities will create opportunities for the domestic sector to produce high-quality products and market it to the

There will be efforts to encourage new manufacturers to obtain direct assistance and cooperation to produce and sell all essential commodities, from scrub to pharmaceuticals.

The government expects to promote various state and private investment companies, such as the State Pharmaceutical Corporation, which manufactures locally a small fraction of the pharmaceuticals that our country needs.

There is now an opportunity for countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, which have much smaller natural resources than their natural counterparts, to make a concerted effort to boost our

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