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Depression is a severe mental health issue that needs proper treatment. But it’s not mandatory that you need someone else to support you during this phase of your life. Sometimes you need to fight for yourself alone. As a depression survivor, I know how it feels when nobody is there to listen to your problems, but trust me, it’s not that difficult. Once you overcome depression alone, there’s no going back. Life is going to be infinitely beautiful once you start believing in yourself again.

1. Stop Expecting :

At this moment, people are not able to get out of their houses. As a result, they cannot share their problems with their close ones. Even a mental health consultant is not available during this situation. Now the only solution left is to become your backbone. Just remember that ‘you are what you believe,’ so don’t lose the battle of life without giving your 100%. You have the power in yourself to overcome this alone, so never underestimate yourself.

2. Be Productive :

This may sound crazy because people are not in that kind of mental state to do something productive during the depression. But it’s necessary to keep yourself busy with work because ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.’ The more you keep yourself busy, the less you think about what went wrong in your life. It’s not necessary that you have to make or do something correctly, do anything that makes you happy (which doesn’t involve stepping out of the house, of course).

3. Clean your room or surroundings :

Well, the environment and surrounding matters a lot (atleast it did in my case). A dirty environment produces negative vibes. So, you will get a positive vibe once you rearrange and clean your surroundings by yourself.

4. Exercise :

Now, this may again sound crazy, but it works a lot. Keeping your body fit is the best way to treat your mental health problems. Health (both psychological and physical) is wealth, and both are interrelated.

5. Never give up :

This is not as easy as it sounds, as the determination of not giving up doesn’t come so quickly. You will never realize the relief of winning if it never costs you the pain of infinite failures. It’s okay to fail countless times while trying your level best, but it’s okay to fail without giving your best to win. Hold your hands, and take yourself out of that situation, have faith in yourself; that’s all you need.

6. Remember this always :

You are ‘not’ who lacks a lot of qualities, but you are the best with whatever you have.

I know it’s still not that easy to follow these points and overcome depression, but it’s not that difficult. Today I’m here, writing this article to make you understand that if I could, then you too can. Life is the best gift that someone can ever receive so, it’s our duty to make it more beautiful by accepting all the roller coaster rides and moving forward.

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