How to Make Rag Doll Toys – Soft Toys Craft

Making rag doll toys is easy and fun. One need not be creative or talented to create raggedy dolls. And they make wonderful toys for children because they are soft, cuddly, and washable.

Rag doll toys, also known as raggedy dolls, are soft toys made from cloth fashioned into dolls. Hundreds of years ago, and even till today, these soft toys were created at home as crafts, and were made from discarded, worn, or spare pieces of materials, and were stuffed with same.

Ragdolls are one of the most ancient children’s toys ever crafted and relics of it has been found in a child’s grave dating as far back as 300 BC.

It easy to make a rag doll. It is a fun craft that both children and adults love and because they can be made in all shapes, sizes, configurations, and colours, you don’t need to be creative, skilled, or talented to make a great raggedy doll.

Characters to use abound, even in our subconscious minds. We can always imagine what character and features our rag doll will have. Long skinny arms and legs, fat or skinny torso, a huge over-sized head, stumpy arms and legs, or a simple yet proportionately shaped doll. If you can imagine it, you can make it.

Ideas for rag doll toys can also be found in children’s books, comics, and on the internet. There are also free dolls patterns and templates that you can download online.

They make wonderful soft toys for children because they are flexible, warm, and cuddly, but because they are soft toys that can harbour bacteria, as long as the right fabric scraps are used, they are washable.

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