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Hello, my name is Partha. I am a student. Two years ago, my weight was 82+ kgs; of course, I was overweight then started my journey to lose my weight to 63 kgs. Now I am maintaining my same weight with the proper way, wanna want to know please stay.

What makes us fat : 

You know that this is due to overeating, but you may don’t know about balance. We get calories from what we eat, burn calories when we do some work, or do exercise or generate heat through our muscles; if you take more calories, you consume this will make you fat.

What is a calorie and why it is so essential for us to: 

In simple meaning, a calorie is a form of energy. We need energy for survival or work, and we get calories from food, and we lose calorie when we work, or our muscle generates heat. As we are here to lose your weight, you will need to know about calories.

Some simple example of how many calories we get from our food: 

In general, we get four calories for every gram of wheat ( I am not clear about refined grain, and these values are average). We get 100 calories for every chapati; now, we get about 40 calories for every spoon of sugar; that’s why sugar is also bad for diabetes because of high calories. 

 Some example of How many calories we burn : 

When we walk, we burn about 60 to 100 calories every kilometer, but it depends on speed and body weight when you run, you burn more than 100 calories. You can check all these values in google for better understanding.

The best way of calculating how to calorie you get from food : 

For this, you no need to google every time how many calories in one boul of rice, etc. you need to install an app called “healthify me” (highly suggested by me) In this app you need to give the details of the food you will get how many calories you will get from the menu. 

How to check how many calories you burn while exercising :

 For this, you will need some experience to calculate your calorie burn, and you need to use google, and the best way is to buy a good fitness tracker for this. Please don’t buy cheap products; this will not give you an accurate result.

 The secret of losing weight the real way :

Now you know about calories and how to calculate it, how many you get from food, and how many you will burn from exercise. For losing your weight, your body always needs to be in a calorie deficient state, means you will need to take less calorie than you smoke or you will need to burn more calories than you earn. When your body is in this state, your body will now be going to use your storage of energy means your fat, and this way, you will burn your fat and make you slim as soon as possible.

And the speed of losing weight depends on the difference between your calorie taking and calorie burn if your contrast is high then you will lose your weight very fast.

Conclusion : 

This, not the only thing that depends on weight loose but this is significant for weight loss, the quality of food also depends and what you eat, always eat good food not eat Jung fast and Jung food, If you have a tasty and healthy body, then you have a sound mind and also increase your confidence. If this is helpful for you let me know, by doing this I lose an average of 20 kgs now I am thrilled, and my relatives and friends get shocked when they see me.

At the end always stay healthy for a good life. Thank you.

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