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Nowadays depression is a major problem among the people and it is increasing at a rapid rate in youngsters. The main reasons for this are stress, tension, and overthinking. And these things occur when your life is surrounded by so many problems like relationship problems, financial problems, social problems, etc. Due to all these people start taking tension of these and then it converts into stress and then overthinking start, which leads you to the depression in simple words to the destruction of your life.

Causes of this are negative thoughts in the mind, sometimes try to hurt yourself, increase in aggression, mental and physical fatigue, thoughts of suicide, and many more. Sometimes it results in a major mental problem that may lead to death. Depression lower your confidence, which enables you to put your views in front of others or to express your feelings. It destroys your social life because you start staying away from friends and family because you like to be alone. And your aggression will only bring you pain because in aggression we do things which we regret after doing.

So now how can we cure this, we just have to follow these steps. First of all, never be alone, spend time with your friends and family, always share your feelings with your loved ones, always be positive and motivated, stay busy with your stuff, it may be your work, day to day activities, gym or chilling out with friends. if someone bullies you or laugh at you, don’t lose your motivation, focus on your goals, and follow them. Have a good sleep,  use your mobile less as much as possible, only use it for some purpose. Be kind to others, help the needy people, help them as much as you can, this brings you nothing but only happiness. Start taking part in physical activities if possible take one sport and improve yourself in it. Make more friends and improve your social life which will bring you a new confidence level which will help you to achieve your goals faster.

If you do all these, there is a 0% chance that you will be demotivated or go into depression. And when you stay motivated you will conquer all the problems and will become a successful and happy person. Whose parents are proud of him/her. Life is the second name of the problems, so that’s why we should never leave hope because it is the hope that makes you strong. Every problem in this world has a solution. We just have to find it,   and the. Everything will be fine. Remember one thing one situation never lasts for a lifetime, it changes with time. So never leave hope. Always be thankful to God for what you have and have faith in him because if you have food in your fridge and have a bed to sleep and have shelter then you are richened than half of the population on the earth. So always thankful. And this is the main reason for a happy and stress-free life.

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