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India’s economic history begins with the Indus Valley Civilization, whose economy depended on trade and agriculture. If you study the economic report of the famous twentieth-century British economist Angus Madison, you will find that India was the largest economy in the country for most of the interval between the first and the 18th century, which was the fragmentation of craft industries under British rule. The reason was reduced from twenty-five percent to only about four percent. The history of the past centuries shows that India was in the basic nature of the country, and in a way, its DNA was business and entrepreneurship, which can be seen by connecting with the present-day perspective. Is. In present times, when students see successful entrepreneurs like Anand Mahindra, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Sundar Pichai, they also want to know their stories.

Trust yourself on the idol: –

The entrepreneur has to face many challenges so that it is scattered or fresher. It is necessary here that you can disable an idea, then bill, then follow it. It is very necessary to keep a strong belief in Ideas. KFC’s founder Colonel Sanders will be sold for a fried chicken after a thousand times because they were sure to have fully on their recipes Idea.

The reason for the reason is: –

There should be a reason for the first in setting up any venture, which is consistent with the publication of positive energy in mind. The AIGAN company’s CEO Jeff Bezos or Biocon Company Managing Director Kiran Majumdar Shaw, all of the identity of his area was sociated that once he walked out of the way after he walked out. Today they have joined the world’s successful entrepreneurs.

The context of contributing a solid: –

The founder of Food Chen, which was founded by Bikaner, will be so big entrepreneur today and started as soon as he was unbiased on the ideology of earning his ideas and himself. Before starting any venture, you should also have unbreakable trust in your startup’s idea.

Identify the motive: –

Crystal – Clearwire should be rounded by our establishment in our minds before establishing an enterprise. Our own concept should be clear in our endurance. Why do we want to start a startup? Just because many of our friends are doing this. If so, the chances of the enterprise successful are very low. The type of one bed is around the fire – our first step is to save his life by leaping from the bed, so think if the fire is getting in your heart, how long you will be able to jump.

There are many opportunities: –

There are many opportunities for an entrepreneur in India today, wherever they are in the field of healthcare, geographical – telecommunication, mobile phone, software, the manufacturing sector in the manufacturing sector from the political approach to the strength of the body, the mobile field, software, the field of manufacturing sector or the area of another industrial. An entrepreneur is a time to find opportunities in this disaster.

Courage to face failure: –

There is no doubt that the enterprise you have started has the potential to provide many big opportunities in the future. But he also brings with him a variety of dangers, and the greatest danger of them is the failure of the enterprise. The question arises as to how you handle that failure. To become an entrepreneur, we need to take care of proper management, decision making, and calculative risk as well as many other things to develop our enterprise.

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