Nowadays, people are so impatient on the internet. They jump one thing to another in seconds. That’s why there have been enough hits on articles, but they’re barely have 2 or 3% who have read it for 1 minute. What can be the solution to this problem?

First of all, let me tell you that I am not seeking your attention just for my profit. Read this article attentively; you will undoubtedly be benefited from it.

So, do you know what the major problem of us(the article writers) is?

The answer is we also impatient like internet traffics. We don’t want to work hard but want the money. If you’re going to work hard, follow the guidelines given below.

1: The headline: 

This is the trickiest part. A good headline will give you valuable “hits”. Keep it simple and in a question form. It can be about some problems that everyone has, and you try to be the problem solver. You also can write about phenomenons, current affairs, sports, entertainment, science, etc. There are so many criteria you can choose from. Psychology says every people have problems in their lives, and they are continuously looking for solutions. So, the best way to write an article will be whatever criteria you choose to try to solve some problems of traffics and enrich their knowledge about something. And never ever try to lie in the headline.

2. The summary:

You should have to add a summary of your article. Here you should try to increase the curiosity of your traffic and give them a clear idea about what you are going to tell them but don’t ever overwrite it and highlight everything on the summary. Just enough to make the traffic jump on your article.

3. The display picture:

Try to add the most relevant picture or image to your content. A good relevant picture will hold your traffic for some seconds.

4. The introduction:

This is also a trickier part. You have to make your traffic understand that you didn’t lie on the headline and you have some knowledge to offer to them. Try to be a storyteller and engage with the readers with your writing. Always try to keep the words simple to understand and never add an unnecessary sentence. It will disconnect the attention of the readers. Never do it. Keep every sentence related to the previous one.

5. The rest :

Follow the same formula given above and take the article forward. Analyze the topic of your article. Give them an answer to the problem. Satisfy their interest with true knowledge and true explanation. And complete your article with a reasonable conclusion and demand for feedback. That’s how you can make a good impression on them, and maybe they will be interested in reading more articles from you.

6. Decorations :

You should decorate your article by bolding keywords and try to make paragraphs after a few sentences. You can also add some points, lists, etc. if necessary.

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