How to earn money by playing games like PUBG

Nowadays, games like PUBG is ruling in everyone’s heart and mind. Everybody wanted to save time to play games refreshments. But, what if I tell you that you can earn money by playing your favorite games on your phone or PC. But, you have to be consistent and excellent. 

There are also many illegal ways to earn by playing games, but today I’ll tell you legal and best ways which can change your life, and if you read the article carefully, you may thanks me later for this life-changing article.

Earn money by Streaming on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

This generation loves watching and doing games related stuff because by there, they can easily compare themselves to the world-class gamers who are PRO in that particular way. Some viewers also observe them and learn new skills, and some even come for entertainment. 

     Even I also spend 4-10 hours a week watching streams of world-class gamers like Shroud, Ninja, and Mortal. Plus, they are getting donations from their viewers, and they also earn from brand tie-up, and they earn from Ads. as well. It means there are many revenue opportunities is in the field. 

Gamers like Ninja is generating 7 to 8 figures in a year by spending some hours a day by streaming on Twitch. It is not difficult to earn a decent amount of money from streaming because the viewer base is high, and brands are ready to pay you more than 5,000$ for a single stream. Looking relaxed, isn’t it?

But it is not so easy because you need an advance gaming set up for this. Things you need to do streaming:

  1. High-Speed Internet(At least 5MBPS)
  2. 2 Screen set up, One for gaming and another to track your stream
  3. Patience 
  4. Gaming skills
  5. Sense of humor and communication skills
  6. OBS setup

Many other factors are there also like some knowledge about how your streaming platform works. And how you can grow your viewers. I’ll recommend you to get some knowledge about how does your platform work?

Earn money by posting gameplays

Streaming seems pretty hard for you, so this will suit you because, in this way, you don’t need a two-screen setup or any High-Speed Internet. Because it is straightforward to do: just record your gameplay and post on YouTube, Twitch, etc. 

You can earn through Ads, Merch, Affiliate Marketing, and Sponsorships. But, firstly, you have to grow your viewer base by which you can generate money, but don’t worry because it is not so hard. Just follow the following tips to grow your viewer base on YouTube:

  • Repeat words again and again in your Title, Description, and Tags to get ranked.
  • Add an attractive thumbnail to get clicks(You can use a free tool called Canva).
  • Be consistent and keep patience.

Many other tips are there, but I can’t tell you in this article, but we’ll do so in the upcoming section. By the way, you can also check out tips on YouTube and Google.

Earn money by playing in ESports

Like other offline games like Cricket, Football, where you can earn millions by playing professionally. There is an organization which organizes tournaments and allow people to join the match and to win the million-dollar prize poll.

ESports are in the initial stage, and this is growing very fastly around the Globe, plus they’ll grow in the future and also allows new gamers to show their talent.

You’ll earn money if you come in the top 3, and you can join tournaments from the domestic level to the international level, but you must have to be talent and passion for playing games. 

There is a lot of scope in this field; you should check out more about this on Google.


There is a massive future in gaming, and unlike offline games, there are many opportunities to earn, but you must have to show yourself that your PRO. There are also many ways to make from gaming,, but we’ll talk about this in the future.

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