It’s hard to seek out an individual who hasn’t heard about the necessity to eat healthily. We hear almost a day that the preservatives in food are bad for us, that eating sugar causes wrinkles, diabetes, and cancer which eating greasy foods result in heart diseases.

Still, it seems that always time’s people hear all the recommendations but don’t actually find yourself HEARING it.

Not long ago I used to be an individual trying to eat healthily but nevertheless always finding herself going back to the guilty pleasures of cookies, chocolate, etc.

I noticed that the sugar and chemical preservatives with untested and unpredictable influence on us, not only affect how I look but also how I feel and the way clearly I feel. After all, whatever we put into our mouths, is distributed through our blood to each single a part of our body – including our brain.

However, the breakthrough on behalf of me was that I made a decision that I would like to require full responsibility for my life and live more consciously. And living consciously means I should make conscious decisions because every single decision I make, regardless of how little, affects what happens in my life.

It seems utterly stupid for a conscious, intelligent adult to consume certain products while being aware that this action will cause the misery of pains, diseases, bad moods, and clouded thoughts.

The more logical thing to try to would be to eat healthy, nutritious products like vegetables, fruits, groats, different seeds, nuts, wholemeal bread, etc., which can give us strength, enhance the immunity system and brainpower, smooth our skin and provides us energy.

I’m making a conscious decision to supply valuable nutrition with every meal I even have, treating my body sort of a temple. This manner I only feel the happiness from not eating another candy as I realize what proportion harm it might bring.

Furthermore, after just a couple of days, I’m beginning to see the amazing benefits coming from this new habit.

The foremost significance on behalf of me is that my thoughts became so strangely clear. My brain has become sharp and with none further adjustments the previous desire to try to nothing and put things off for later has magically disappeared, leaving me able to take more action towards achieving my goals and convey more value into my life in every possible way. Also, my beliefs in achieving my goals have sky-rocketed!

Sounds like magic? Well, I’m speaking from my very own experience so I can guarantee that you simply can get to equivalent results by changing the way you approach your eating behaviors.

Remember, if you would like to be ready to design your life precisely the way you would like thus realizing your full potential, you would like to require full responsibility for yourself and begin living more consciously. Believe me, it’s worth it! Always beware that good health can bring everything we wish,  so stay healthy and strong. 

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