How to control cockroaches in the Kitchen: 7 remedies that prevent cockroaches and bugs in kitchen

Have you ever come across those creepy crawling cockroaches and bugs in your kitchen, just after a few hours of cooking a meal. There’s nothing more disgusting than finding these creepy bugs and cockroaches running around the kitchen, but have you ever thought, how these bugs find their way to your kitchen despite cleaning the kitchen everyday?

Well, this might freak you out, but even after cleaning or wiping the kitchen with water everyday, these cockroaches can breed under the sink, drains and corners of cabinets or below the slabs, but cleaning the kitchen with the right ingredients can keep these at bay.

Not only are these bugs and crawling insects disgusting but they can also be harmful for health and lead to several diseases and cause food poisoning. Thus, cleaning the kitchen in the rightway is essential and using the right ingredients while cleaning can keep these insects at bay. Here a few easy hacks that always work.

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