How to become a pro PUBG player

How to become a professional pubg player?

Before you play PUBG always washes your hands and face to overcome nervousness.

nowadays there were many new pubg players who grew in our society who are very good in pubg also they don’t become a professional PUBG player in just one day. they work hard and avoid their mistakes and keep practicing 

1. How to overcome the sweetness 

sometimes when you play pubg your hands become sweaty and  you don’t move your character properly this is due to nervousness because when you re going to take the fight with player your mind becomes tense and this will leads to your sweaty hands, 

conclusion – so to overcome this firstly wash your hands  properly and apply little bit powder on your fingers not on hands if you apply more powder then your screen become dirty and you can’t watch your enemy . another thing is that always drink water while playing pubg which decreases your tension and reduce your nervousness

2. Controls and Sensitivity

Always think that you are the best never copy anyone the famous quote is that BE THE NO. 1 OR THE ONLY ONE so never copy anyone if you change your sensitivity to seeing another pro player then it will affect your gameplay because they are comfortable in their sensitivity and controls but it was difficult for you to adapt these things.

so if you are best in your controls and sensitivity then don’t change it makes your self professional in your controls and saves your setting as you become comfortable.

3. Practice makes a man perfect

sometimes you made some silly moves which lead to your loss sometime you can’t move properly and sometimes you choke in your movement and sometimes you think something else and you touch the wrong button so to avoid this situation you should have to do practice hard and you should have to learn sone professional drills like jiggle, drop shot, jump and crouch and prone shot and many more which will 100% improve your gameplay.

4. Always stay motivated and confident

when you play the game always think than you are the best and you can do anything if you are surrounded by four peoples be patient and wait for your turn and finish them it was the best way to wipe a squad so like a mortal, tacos, panda like may pro YouTubers you can play it very well. so stay confident and patient.

Some mistake never do it in your game

1.  never change your controls time to time 

2.  never loot in the standing position  and without smoke

3.  try to get the best combo of guns

4.  don’t get excited when you see the enemy or when you knock someone or kill someone 

5.  firstly give prefer to zone then take the fight with enemy

6.  don’t do a scope on the enemy for long always watch your surrounding 

7.  if your teammate is knocked between enemy don’t go firstly watch enemies location then go and made a smoke

8.  don’t do excess of loot like sometimes you pick 500 bullets and you have no heal, at last, this will  finish your game

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